Sunday, July 22, 2018

Sunday Afternoon Tea - Two Birthdays

It is good to be back, even if it is mostly on Sundays.  My eye has improved slightly, I need a full recovery but that slight improvement is a very good sign that I will accept.  For those who asked, yes... this is the same eye that had the allergic reaction last year.  :(

I still have challenges other than the inability to read easily or spend time on the computer.  It has affected my depth perception so everything I do needs to be slowed down.  I tripped recently when a sidewalk had a slight decline that I missed... but I caught myself before falling because I was walking slowly.

Life goes on with adjustments here and there.

There are a couple important dates coming up.  The first is my birthday and while there is no great celebration this year, I am thankful for each year on the planet.  The other is the birthday of Coffee Tea Books & Me, which has now completed twelve years come early August.

This space on the world wide web is entering its' teen years!  How have those years passed so quickly? There have been over 3,300 blog posts and to think of how many words that requires absolutely boggles the mind.

There have been over 2,207,000 page views and I find that amazing because I know how many of us read blogs via email these days.  Although I have learned not to pay attention to numbers for I've seen far too many times the numbers spike after I've written a guest post somewhere and when I went on Instagram.  Then they begin to decline, most often I believe because this is a most decidedly Christian blog and not just about books and tea... and a good cup of coffee.

Added Note:  After reading Vee's comment (below), I wanted to make sure you know that while I do not notice so much the number of people visiting the blog, I do care about those who do visit!  Each visitor is valued immensely!  I guess the above paragraph did seem to indicate otherwise.  ;)

The Bible tells us that we are not to despise the day of small beginnings and I can remember sitting down and using the template to begin this blog.  I was still homeshooling but it no longer required my full attention. Back then, Blogger was not as user friendly as it is today but we came to a mutual understanding despite the number of times it ate what I had written.

There have been numerous opportunities to expand and draw in a lot more readers but that is not what I wanted.  Except for the Amazon Widget and links*, I have not monetized it and I have no plans to do so.

This brings freedom to write about books I am reading, what I am pondering, what my life is experiencing at any given time, and not what will draw in more readers.  I do not want to have to jump through the hoops my professional blogging friends must perform.  They do it beautifully.

Instead I want Coffee Tea Books & Me to continue to be a place of welcome hospitality.  Where people feel safe, no matter who they voted for (I am unashamedly conservative but I do like my liberal friends).

I will keep blogging as long as God continues to give me something to write about.  If you recall, I almost stopped a few years ago but I made the decision to continue and not worry about having it be perfect.  The header is rarely changed, I know there are grammar errors sometimes as I type what I am pondering, and while I try to prevent spelling errors... they sometimes slip through.  Even more so with less than ideal eyesight.

As my spiritual mother (through books), Edith Schaeffer,  always said... and it has become a motto for my daughter (the perfectionist) and me... "If you expect perfection or nothing, you will always end up with nothing."  So you will find that by giving up on not only perfection but even doing my very best at times due to circumstances... hopefully we will be at this space for another year.

Of course, the best part of blogging is the people I meet.  I have so much affection for many of you.  I promise to write very brief notes to those who have contacted me (other than through emails).  Just a few words will be better than none at all.  That whole perfection thing again, you know.

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*Thank you to everyone who enters their Amazon shopping from a link or the Widget on the sidebar.  Remember, you do not have to purchase what you clicked on to enter Amazon and it does not add any amount to what you are purchasing.

When I use my credit, I add what I am buying to my Wish List and then click on a link at my friend's blog, then go to my Wish List where everything is in one place.  It is very easy that way.  We receive only a small percentage of credit for books and such (much more for things like electronics) but every little purchase adds up each month to bring a great blessing.

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Anonymous said...

Thankful you are able to write today and your eyesight is better. Praying for complete recovery. So glad you are planning to keep writing. I would miss your so very much and the wisdom and inspiration God shares thru your writings. Blessings to you for many more years of happy blogging. Happy to birthday to you and Coffee, Tea, Books, and Me. Blessings, Sharon D.

Vee said...

So good to know that things are coming along with your eye. I continue to pray for total restoration of sight. So many things are affected...had not even considered depth perception. Stay safe!

I do love this place in Blogdom. It is visiting a friend where deeper things than the usual blog fare are discussed so one leaves with thoughts to ponder, which sometimes shapes belief and opinion.

For a moment there, I thought you were saying that it did not matter to you whether readers visited or not. I held my breath until getting to the paragraph where you say that your friendships in Blogdom are the best things about blogging. 🙂

Congratulations on twelve years of blogging! I, for one, can not imagine Blogdom without you.

Homemaker' said...

Happy Birthday, Brenda! And those of us who read your blog, we're glad you started it!! : )

I will continue to keep you in prayer and am glad that you're do a bit better. You're a blessing to many. Love, Mary S.

Mama Squirrel said...

Happy real and blog birthdays!

Marie said...

I hope you have an absolutely wonderful birthday and that your eye continues to improve. My favorite blogger, as I've said before! It is always like a visit with a good friend--so much of what you write resonates with me.

GrammaGrits said...

As a long-time reader (but not sure I've ever commented), it's always good to see you have a new post! Happy birthday to you and your blog. Praying for your continued healing with the eye issue. Would love to have tea with you someday, but, alas, I live in the PNW so maybe in heaven!

Lori said...


Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insight over the years. Your blog is a favorite of mine. I enjoy sharing about books, cooking and your pantry posts are a great source of inspiration. Also beauty on a budget. :)

Thanks for all you do and Happy Birthday to you and your blog.

Anonymous said...

🎉🎈🎉Happy Birthday, Brenda!!🎉🎈🎉 And Happy Birthday to your blog, as well! So thankful your eyesight is improving and am praying for a complete recovery! Thankful, too, that you were able to type a post today! Your blog has become one of my favorites, so I hope you’ll be able to keep blogging for years to come! Love your perspective, wisdom, and insight, and always enjoy any photos you post.
Take care.
Laura C.(WA)

Sherry said...

you have much to celebrate on so many fronts..
and much to lift toward heaven for mercy and
healing. blessings to you on your upcoming
birthday ...

Mrs.T said...

Happy Birthday to both you and your blog! I've enjoyed your posts so often although I seldom get around to commenting. I have pinned many of your posts to my "Inspirational Thoughts and Words" and "Worth the Read" Pinterest boards. I've also been very much blessed by your pantry posts and have pinned many to my "Pantry Perfection" board so I can't lose them.

Thanks for being such a wonderful voice of encouragement here in Blogland for all these years.

I thought my own blog was around the same age, and out of curiosity I just checked. "Across My Kitchen Table" will turn thirteen on August 9th. Very exciting!

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Dear Brenda, I am so glad to hear of improvements to your eye and continue to pray for complete healing and recovery! Your blog means a great deal to me. You have the gift of making yourself real to your readers, through your words and what you are willing to share. Congratulations on twelve years of blogging! I will have blogged for ten years this year. Paul died in 2007 and I began a year later. Blogdom has changed a lot but I continue my blog as a sort of journal of family life.

Melissa said...

A faithful person in home-making and in writing, thank you; and congratulations!