Thursday, August 04, 2016

Book Talk - Early August

August reading will be a continuation of mostly rereading favorite books.  I don't know about you but I absolutely love rereading books, they become a part of my very existence that way.  When those I care for are also enjoying a book then they become a part of a shared vocabulary.  Both my daughter and a good friend talk about preparing an "everlasting meal" and I know exactly what they are talking about.

Speaking of which, I'm still rereading An Everlasting Meal, savoring a chapter at a time.  I really do need to read it at the beginning of every season for it is like reading it all over again each time.  I get fresh ideas on using and extending fresh food.

You may notice the latest issue of Bella Grace is still in the stack.  It is also being slowly savored throughout the summer.  I find it quite relaxing as well as providing great creating inspiration.

I cheated a little and read Jan Karon's Come Rain or Come Shine about a week ago but only as it had to be returned to the library.  I hadn't wanted to purchase it, even after coming out in paperback earlier this year, due to the mixed reviews on Amazon.  Some Mitford fans loved it and others didn't care for it at all.

Okay, here is my review of the book.  I agree with a lot of readers that the first few chapters were awful.  Some wondered if Jan Karon actually wrote them.  They were choppy and hard to read.  I have never enjoyed pages upon pages of dialog and when you add a mountain dialect to the mix... not easy reading.

I almost let the negative reviews get to me after slugging through the first chapters but I'm so glad I kept reading.  It was very enjoyable.  Yes, as in her last book I think she tried to shoehorn too many characters in it but it does catch us up on everybody.  Some people didn't care about it because it was mostly about Dooley and Lace... but it is the book about their wedding.

Anyone who has planned a wedding will enjoy reading about Dooley and Lace's wedding and all the misadventures which occur.  I ended up enjoying the book very much.  Sometimes good enough is... good enough and while it is not as perfect as her earlier books, it is good.

I'm beginning to reread Christy now, which is one of my all time favorite books.  It was the first novel I ever read three times in as many years... back in the days when I read a lot more nonfiction than fiction. 

I loved Catherine Marshall's writing, including her nonfiction books.  If you ever get a chance to see the old movie of A Man Called Peter, it will make you cry.  I knew the story as I'd read her book but the ending still brought out the box of tissues.  How we need a man of God like him as a Chaplain in Congress today.  But I digress.

I also liked the TV series, even though at first it took me awhile to get used to Kellie Martin as Christy since I had previously known her on a different TV show.  Tyne Daly is wonderful as Miss Alice.

I'll chat more about the other books next time.  There will probably be a different stack, including those I didn't talk about here and additional books being considered.

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Terra said...

I bought that Jan Karon book and haven't read any reviews of it, til yours. I think I will like it, I hope so. I rarely reread books; my favorite author, Anthony Trollope, has written 47 novels and I have only read 14 of them so I have plenty of new reads ahead. Plus a thousand and 1 other books.

Deb said...

Although I'm not usually someone who re-reads a book, Christy is definitely one that I've read twice or maybe three times. I loved it.

The top book on your stack is one that my husband and I read to each other early in our marriage. This was in the days before instead of us each sitting in front of a computer like we do now....we'd sit up in bed and read together. those were the good old days. I think I remember enjoying the book...but I found out my husband's voice put me to sleep more often than not! Ha.

rebecca said...

I'm pretty sure I've never reread a fiction I'm interested in your reading excursions here. Isn't it fascinating how reading "tastes" differ from person to person and season-of-life to season-of-life??

(I'm currently reading Barbara Pym novels in the fiction genre.)

Vee said...

The Christy series on tv did not last nearly long enough. I also recommend the books written by Peter Marshall and Catherine's son...wonderful, full of life history books.

Rachel H said...

Catherine Marshall also wrote "Julie", which I loved! I read those books years ago.

Anonymous said...

I loved the book "Christy", and collect books by Catherine Marshall. She was one of my favorite authors. I love to reread books--some as many as 8-l0 times (Grace Livingston Hill). Thanks for the review of what you read. Blessings, Sharon D.

Anonymous said...

Although the movie A Man Called Peter shows an America of years back it is not dated. The speech given near the end of the movie could be said of today equally as well. This is one of my all time movies. I can't believe I have not read the book...but I
will ! I just found one of Catherine's books at the used store the other day.
I have the DVD set of Christy and never regretted buying it. I can't tell you how much your blog reading lists have encouraged me to try new authors. I always read the comments to your posts and they further lead me. Many of the authors have been around for ages but I had never heard of them. I seem to enjoy the older authors and now know of many more.
I cant imagine how much lonely our lives would be without other women like you writing blogs and sharing experiences with all of us. My mother's generation had her friends who also were homemakers to chat with but everyone around me has always been at work outside the home. Many other women for other reasons do not have close women friends. But you are all here when I turn on the computer. I am grateful God let me find such God fearing women to feel I can share with. Sarah

Judy said...

Thank you for introducing me to "The Everlasting Meal". Having learned the kind of basics the author emphasizes as the daughter of pioneer missionaries when I was quite young, I have always assumed that my daily cooking was inferior to that of my recipe following friends. It was such a delight to 'meet' someone else who puts a pot of water on to boil while she works out what she is going to cook! And makes homey, delicious meals!

I read "A Man Called Peter" close to forty years ago and loved it - time for a re-read, I think.

On another note, I'm not sure how you get books to review, but I just read about this one - I imagine you might enjoy it. Its introduction is written by Karen Swallow Prior who wrote a book on Hannah Moore which I think you reviewed a while back.

Here is a little more about it:

Jenny said...

I purchased An Everlasting Meal prior to a Colorado vacation. It has been a great to read and reflect as I'm enjoying cool weather and spectacular views. My favorite chapter has been How to Build a Ship. Over the years I have lost my love of cooking. This chapter has shown me a way to enjoy it again. Thank you for the recommendation. Your blog is always a great resource for wonderful books!