Saturday, August 06, 2016

Living the Pantry Lifestyle - The Procastination List Once Again

You may remember when I spent a few weeks (or more) on my Procrastination List.  I wrote down everything I could think of that needed to be accomplished.  Some items on the list were only mildly necessary while others were of a more extreme (and quite late) importance.

Well, I realized this past week that another Procrastination List was necessary. For I have been putting things off for various reasons.  Some were prudently cast aside during hot weather... and will wait for cooler weather to arrive permanently.

While others were hidden in that deep recess of my brain where I tuck away things to do that I am avoiding.  They usually require either 1) a phone call to a person or company I do not know, 2) dealing with a difficult person, or 3) both.

Thankfully, this time the only items such as these were on the list because they required a phone call.  Except for a couple of good friends or my family, I dislike talking on the phone.  Which is amusing since I spent a great deal of time on the phone when I worked outside the home.

I am in the process of writing down another list of Stuff that Needs Done and Done Now... or Soon.   Finding a new optometrist that my insurance covers is at the top of the list since my prescription has changed.  My former doctor moved away from town and I really liked her.  But I have an If You Give a Mouse a Cookie thing going because I need new glasses before I can see the retinal specialist and I must have that checkup so I can report the results to my primary physician.  Sheesh.

While some items that are on the list are those I've put off doing for one reason or another, others are seasonal chores which pop up as we are entering late Summer.  I'm also looking around the house to get an idea what needs to be added to the list.  I really should be organized like Martha (Stewart, of course).  She has a large calendar where she writes seasonal To Do's that must be done on or around that date.  Great idea if one puts it into practice.  But I keep putting it off.  Maybe that should go on the list.

The above photo was taken after I had looked around the Study for chores to add to the list.  It was so easy that I did it immediately.  You see... when my mother-in-law passed away, my husband brought home a lot of her vintage linen.  However, most of them had to be thrown away.  They fell apart when taking them out of the box.

I found out that this is what can happen if one never actually uses their vintage linens.  So about once a year or so, I wash my collection of vintage tablecloths in warm water on the gentle cycle.  It not only protects them from permanent crease lines but they are clean and ready for use should I do more than display them on a shelf.

So... what happens when one drapes them over their rocking chair before they get a chance to fold them and put them back where they belong?  Someone in the family... no names given but she is the only one with fur... made them her new napping place.

I hate to admit it but I left them there for a week since they made her so happy... and I had to rewash them before they were folded and put away.  She was not at all happy but you know, fur and food don't exactly mix well.

But that is the kind of seasonal-ish chores which are going on the list.  I'll be writing down more this week including a few long term procrastination Gotta Do's and quite a lot of seasonal chores.

One thing I did accomplish this morning, while I could take advantage of the computer being available, was adding the Chocolate Syrup recipe to the Recipe Blog.  You can find it... here.

In answer to a question, I think the link where I printed the above chalk art from is... here.  Mine is a little faded since it has been out on the porch all Summer.


Anonymous said...

Well if you were Martha {Stewart of course! :) } you could put on your list to tell your ASSISTANTS to do the chores!!! LOL

I keep a monthly list of not just chores but when things bud out, need fertilized and when seasonal bills are due etc..Birthdays and such too. That Pantry moths usually start in March and ants coming in in June so I am prepared and on and on.There are just too many things to remember!! I once saw a women who also added which fruits and veggies and other homemaking things were the cheapest at the store that month of the year. The list for each month could get monstrous!!

I have seen the list of home maintenance chores you keep up with and I applaud you and your husband for doing all of that. You might not get at everything but you keep up with many things. Many more than some without health issues. :-) Sarah

Bernideen said...

Sounds like major progress to me!

Vee said...

What lovely vintage linens. I lost many of mine for storing them under the eaves. They literally heat rotted away. And, of course, you allowed the Queen to enjoy them for a week. =D

I have an aversion to talking on the phone and I become nearly incapacitated having to make an appointment or anything. I used to make my mother's calls for her and she would make mine. Seemed easier. Do you think that I can talk my daughter into this arrangement? No way. She doesn't have my aversions.

Judy said...

Those vintage linens are beautiful. I would not be able to resist using them often!

Melissa said...

Lovely tablecloths. Yes, I use mine and I do enjoy ironing them!