Friday, September 26, 2014

A Rare Just Saying Hello Post

I was looking through some old posts recently and realized I used to write a lot more than I do now.  That was before the crash of the laptop!  It was much easier to put together an off the cuff hello when not teathered to the desktop computer.  In the very small home office.  Which is Hubby's domain.

But today I sit here with an index finger and the iPad.  Tap...Tap...Tap.   Stretched out on the sofa while a kitty is using my desk for her morning nap.  Although the photo is when she napped on the cabinet in the Study.

I forgot to say in yesterday's book review that the David Wilkerson bio would be interesting across denominational lines.  I usually read review books quickly as I tend to be a fast reader, anyway.  But after the first few chapters, I slowed down and decided to enjoy the reading of this book.  I could not put it down.  Fortunately we were having leftovers for dinner!

I am enjoying the lovely weather and the early changing colors of the leaves.  This summer seemed to go by in a flash.  It was the best of times and not always great.  Like life itself.  We loved the birthday celebration that lasted a week in South Haven, a highlight!  A gift we will always remember.

But we also felt the loss of my husband's seasonal work... as prices for essentials increased... and our insurance changed causing much higher costs and less service.  But we also saw God provide in ways that brought amazement.

I find we live in a time where trusting God is the only way to walk in peace and even then it requires staying close to the Source.  Sometimes we spend a long period of time in His presence.  Then there are moments our prayer can only be a quick "HELP!".  But He hears them all...


Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

He does!

So thankful for His provision.

We are enjoying the autumn weather, may have a bit of Indian Summer this weekend. Looking forward to the holidays, not because of things but because of people we will spend it with.

He is good!


Rebecca said...

It IS a beautiful time of year. I came home from the hospital yesterday and as soon as the sun hits our tiny back deck, I plan to sit in its light for awhile.

So true what you said about trusting God being the only way to walk in peace--and even that is not "easy" (not "easy" being MY take on the challenge). He HAS supplied all our needs --and WILL

Anonymous said...

"Trusting God is the only way to walk in peace." Thank you for reminding us of that.
I really need to get to church more often.

Living on Less Money said...

I'm so thankful that our God is not bound by the circumstances or financial climate of this world.

Nice post!

Brenda Leyland @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

Enjoyed what came as a result of the tap-tap-tap. Miss Victoria sure looked comfy in that sunbeam.

Totally agree that staying near Him and walking in his peace is the only way these days.

Thanks for a lovely wee visit.


Judy said...

Yes, there are moments when the short, desperate plea is all we have to offer - "Lord have mercy" and "Into Your hands" have been whispered here often - and He is faithful.
Thank you for the extra "hello" this week - a conversation with you is always welcome!

Keri said...

A quick "hello" back to you! :) And coincidentally, my parents and another couple arrived in South Haven this evening for a weekend getaway! I had read your posts about your wonderful trip but I hadn't internalized the name of the locale. It wasn't familiar to me so it didn't stick with me. But reading it again in this post, it clicked, since I just got the phone call from my mom a couple of hours ago saying that they had arrived there. I hope they enjoy their weekend as much as you enjoyed your trip there (though I doubt they will, since yours was an extra-special family birthday trip, and theirs is just a quick getaway)!

And now, I must go back and look at your South Haven pictures again to refresh my memory as to what they'll be enjoying!