Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Afternoon Tea

My cell phone rang when I was just beginning to relax on the sofa. 

The morning had been long as we had gone through the process of the appeal.  I was so tired but my son's name was scrolling across the phone.  He was asking if I could pick him up at work and he would buy lunch.  It was his first full day back at the office after being quite ill and the wind chill was much too cold when he tried to walk to a restaurant.

I said yes... in a month of weeks when I have said no or maybe to just about everything offered... I said I'd get my coat and be there soon.   For one thing, he has been quite ill with an upper respiratory infection affecting his asthma so I didn't want him to attempt the walk again.  But it had also been weeks since we'd really had a chance to chat.

Sooo... I picked him up and we headed for Subway, usually his destination for lunch with his father.  They share a love for the place and I don't.  At least I didn't...  

By saying yes, I not only enjoyed an hour chatting with my son and hearing about his projects and plans but I tried one of the restaurant's new chopped salads and it was absolutely, delightfully, and wonderfully delicious! 

After I dropped him back at his office in the Research Park, I headed the short distance home, passing the entrance to my favorite walking path as I drove.  For just a few moments, in my mind at least... it was warm and sunny and the walking path was surrounded with Spring's new life... ready for me and my itty bitty iPod.  Soon, very soon...

It is good to say yes once in awhile, especially in the winter doldrums that can come with February for those of us north of the equator.   There are days I feel like life is passing by with everyone else really living and I am just watching.

February can bring such a feeling, as can chronic illness, budget limitations, and any circumstances making it difficult to leave the house.   I remember when Christopher was a toddler and very hyperactive, staying at home was just easier than going out... when I thought I'd never again spend quality time among grownups.  :)

When I arrived home this past week, I decided it was time to write down little changes to get out of my late winter rut.  I know... very soon the seasons will change and the yard and garden will demand such attention that I will have fond memories of these less demanding days.

My ponderings all Winter have taken me back to my desire to Create.  If I can't Go very often at least I can Do.

I have been tweaking the house a little here and there, placing bookmarks in cookbooks for new recipes to try, thinking of furniture rearrangement for my "office", and perusing decorating books and magazines for ways to use what I already have.

This next week, I hope to enjoy a mini-vacation at Panera on the way to the library.  A Christmas gift card has been patiently waiting in my pocketbook for such a morning "out".  

I am planning a visit to Mr. & Mrs. Christopher's place to see their new living room furniture (especially after encouraging my son to compromise with a solid color sofa and the side chair my daughter-in-law loved... with the polka dots... it makes her heart sing).  Their decision to live with one old car so they could purchase the sofa and chair was understood by both mothers... the need to nest.  :)

Hopefully the weather will cooperate with the planned tiny getaways.

Have my circumstances changed?  Not at all, except getting the brakes fixed on the van.  But my attitude has certainly shifted and it all began with one little word... yes

Is there anything in your life needing a yes?

Picture:  Playing with Picassa


Mama Squirrel said...

Yes! ;-)

Linda said...

Always!!! There are always MANY things to say YES to! And just as many to say NO to, as well. We are home for 10 days and I am being selective about my yes'es! YES to church this morning. YES to a nap this afternoon. YES to a bit of nesting here in my own dear home. YES as I write in things to do each day this making chocolate chip cookies for a little girl who is in the hospital, to preparing a little tea for a friend who has recently lost two family members, to spending some quality time sitting with my husband by our fireplace giving him some undivided attention.

A lovely post filled with wisdom and food for thought!

Rebecca said...

Yes, there is. Thanks for reminding me :)

Carol said...

The picture looks like it was hand painted. I hope the appeal was accepted. (MD)

Vee said...

How nice to get out and visit with Christopher. There are so many times I could say "yes" and don't. I'll try to be more intentional.

Have had some fun this afternoon watching programming you recommended

Judy said...

Oh yes, here are places to say 'yes' to, for the joy of an hour with a son!
And I hope there will be quiet joy in the 'yes to doing' to which you have committed.

Anonymous said...

My son has been married now over 14 years and even living within 40 minutes of them, not once has such an opportunity come my way. Nor is it likely ever to do so. (We are not at war over anything, it is just life with a wife in the picture). So you are indeed blessed!! Indeed you are!!!

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries® said...

I agree with the commenter are blessed...but then so are they! What a blessing for Mrs. Christopher to have such a sweet, kindred spirit as a MIL.
Praying all went well for you. :)
P.S. I so enjoy how you make an ordinary errand or chore've masted the art of appreciation.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

We try to say yes as much as possible, though sometimes my mind wants to say no....

I love that he knows that you will come if able - and that is a wonderful kind of support.

I bet their furniture is fun to see them build a home together!


Anonymous said...

Your new header is so pretty. Makes us think of spring.

It's always great to visit with your kids as adults. Glad Chris is better. Chest infection on top of asthma is a nasty combination. Been there, done that.

Love your idea of saying Yes.
So I'm saying yes to
- Trying some different recipes from the old standbys.
-To reading something more challenging than paperback mysteries.
-To going to church more often.
Hey, it's almost Lent.

Sharon Lovejoy said...

YES! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

Stay positive and just keep doing those little tweaks.

Sending warm wishes across the miles,