Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My World this Week

While the Upper East Coast was having a blizzard, we experienced days of a cold, windy rain...  the kind of weather that sends one to the kitchen again and again for hot beverages. 

Since it was a good weekend to stay inside, I spent Sunday afternoon doing a little redecorating here on the blog.  I hope you like the new (thinking-of-summer) Header.   It brings a hope of May and flowers and green grass.

I had to remove some of what was on the sidebar, at least temporarily.  Although the Pantry links remain and can be found by scrolling down.

Here are glimpses of my world this past week...

Kitchen Art
A former flower pot and a former drawer...

Tea Time

Reading and Re-reading

I like to read Tracey McBride's Frugal Luxuries and Frugal Luxuries by the Season (not shown) at least a couple times a year.  They are among my all time favorite books about living a beautiful life on a budget, as I tell Tracey all the time!  :)

My evenings have been spent perusing both The Little Paris Kitchen and Homemade... two gorgeously wonderful cookbooks with lots of yummy recipes already bookmarked.  I gave Homemade to Elisabeth for her birthday (she turned eleven and she's a third generation foodie).  Both she and her mom enjoy it as much as I do.

The Enchanted Barn was a lovely gift.  There is nothing like a Grace Livingston Hill book to read for relaxation.

Reading and Watching

I adore The Little Paris Kitchen so I was thrilled when the book was finally available to the American audience (non-metric edition, of course). 

I've been watching the show on The Cooking Channel, except when I watch it again on You Tube to figure out how to make a recipe.   I probably will still do so even though I have them in print.  She's just so entertaining...

Morning Sunlight
Rare sunshine on a winter morning...

Pondering Kitty
I have to wonder what she's thinking about...

I think I'm suppose to tell you the book links will take you to Amazon and if you buy anything, I get a tiny percentage... and I thank all of you who take the time to click on the Amazon Widget which is obviously there to draw you in...   :)


Anonymous said...

I've just read your post about BBC programmes. My husband and I love watching Foyle's War and Marple. We also enjoy Poirot - the sets, etiquette, furnishings and costumes are lovely.
Have you seen Midsomer Murders. Set in a fictional, English county, this detective series involves gorgeous rural settings, eccentric characters and ingenious murders.
I suppose I should also put in a vote for Doc Martin as we live in Cornwall, UK where the programme is made. However, the actors' accents are awful - how come they never use local people to help out with authenticity? :)

Melissa said...

Oh, I love "The Enchanted Barn". A wonderful book about taking care of your family. You have an original, but I was still able to get a paperback copy for $2.00 on Amazon.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

I love "The Enchanted Barn"! I've been reading "April Gold" before going to bed for the past week. Two of my favorite books that I re-read several times a year. I like to read Tracey's books too (wish she'd write another)!

Love the steaming cup of tea photo!

This has become my favorite post of the week!

Anonymous said...

Love your bright, colorful header. Very cheerful. I love Grace Livingston Hill and have read some of her books over and over including "The Enchanted Barn." Another favorite is "Recreations" and "The Honor Girl"--two books that take a pitiful house and make a lovely home of it with grace,hospitality, and faith.
Stay warm. Blessings, Sharon D.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I love Little Paris Kitchen on YouTube and should have realized there would be book! Ideas for Mother's Day!

I have recently spent time at Tracey's blog! I have seen you mention her for years and seen her comments even but never went to her blog! I love it because that is where my heart is too!

The Enchanted Barn is one of my favorite GLH books. The Substitute Guest is another.

Thanks for the recommendation about Foyle's War. My daughter Emily and I watched 4 episodes yesterday! We love it!

Have a delightful day!


ps - I'm nearly done with the stitchery! :)

Anonymous said...

Pretty kitty face!! You are fortunate to have a pet!!
Elizabeth in VA

Anonymous said...

GLH books are so wonderful for escape and creating calm in the midst of a storm! All her books have a message of trusting in God thru all circumstances. My faith is built up every time I read one of her books :o) Dee

Vee said...

Oh I see a favorite of mine on the top of the stack. Now I must go check out "The Tiny Paris Kitchen." Yesterday, I watched the first episode of "North and South." It's become quite dark now that the setting is in the North; I definitely preferred the South.

Yes, I do love your header and see no reason why we shouldn't dream of a sunnier place and time.

Elizabeth said...

I have not read any of these books, but they sound wonderful! My 11 year old Granddaughter loves cooking too,almost everything her Grandma likes,isn't it wonderful!

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Your world looks delightful! I read The Enchanted Barn a year or two ago when a blogger mentioned it (I think it was Vee but might have been my friend Debra) and found it delightful. Of course, not terribly realistic but full of charm.

Now I have to see if my library has The Little Paris Kitchen, or check it out on youtube.

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries® said...

The glimpses of your world are always a cozy comfort Brenda. I love your book and video recommendations especially the BBC series! It is so nice to have interesting stories in the background while working around the house and your posts often offer me much needed direction!
As always, a trillion thanks (that's trillion with a T ;) for the nice words and good thoughts regarding my books and work. It's more than rewarding to know they are still being enjoyed. Now, when are you going to be writing your book?!!
Love and hugs from Tracey. XoX
P.S. Especially loved your first photo and the 1776 plate!

Anonymous said...

I managed to collect all of GLH's books between youth & adulthood & manage to reread almost all of them about every other year. Love her descriptions of food, fashion and fads of the times.

I have been rereading my Pioneer Lady cookbooks - by Jane Watson Hopping. There are a ton of memories, poems and pictures, as well as recipes. She remembers being a child in the 30's & talks about family providing for each other. If you haven't seen her books, I think you'd really enjoy them.

Anonymous said...

I found "The Little Paris Kitchen" a couple of months ago and have really enjoyed watching it on YouTube. I am hoping to get the cookbook soon...I have a milestone birthday coming up in March!

Rachel C.