Saturday, December 15, 2012


I can't get the picture out of my mind... my own children in Kindergarten... and twenty sets of parents being told their child went to school and would not come home.  Not to mention the adults who lost their lives.

This school tragedy reminds me so much of the shooting at the Amish schoolhouse when the shooter targeted and killed little girls.

We do live in a world where the forces of good and evil battle in a war in which we know the forces of good (and God) prevail.  What can we do?  Cover our family and friends in prayer each day, draw closer to God, and find peace in His Holy Scripture.

It does seem as that battle rages more fierce as each year passes.

I had Saturday and Sunday posts planned already but they will return next week.  For this weekend... silence... and prayers for those families and the community affected by this tragedy.

(Image borrowed from The Simple Mom blog's Facebook page.)

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