Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pantry post links

I should have known with two sickies here in the family, I would catch their cold... achoo, cough, cough!

So instead of struggling to make my brain work thinking of writing something new, I give you some pantry post archives.

A few of these go back to 2008 and 2009 but I think the information is still good.

Some links to past pantry posts:

The Winter Pantry... here

The Hospitality Pantry 1... here.

The Hospitality Pantry 2... here.

Basic Pantry Items (baking)... here.

Basic Pantry Items (non-baking)... here.

A great stocking up article from the 1990s... here.

Added Note:  The Comments on these posts have valuable advice, too.  :)

Picture: Attractive Housewife in Modern Kitchen (that really is the name...)


Vee said...

A nice collection of past pantry list ponderings. Anyone could do it with half a will. I have some shelves to clear in the basement making room for new items. Sadly, I have lots of expired things. Originally, I had thought to give them away, but these things just need to be tossed. I'm not eating it; I don't want anyone else eating it. So I've got to do better with fronting shelves and using the oldest first. I was shocked to find two bags of canned fruit and soups that my darling must've tucked on a shelf in a far corner. I had not remembered it, but was glad to find it.

Hope that you are feeling better very soon. I noted a bowl of fresh homemade chicken soup in one of your posts and hoped that you have some on hand now.

Anonymous said...

Get well soon.

Anonymous said...

Organic chicken soup needed!! LOAD with TONS of broccoli (very finely chopped) and GARLIC!!

I was sick with respiratory stuff for almost 3 weeks in Jan and then on the plane this month, the "wealth" around us was shared and I am out a week now in recovery from that...but at least nearer ok now than in January. Tis the pits to catch so much!! I hope you all do not share hand much is unwittingly passed that way. We learned that years ago and often only 1 person will catch stuff. My empathy and sympathy!! Pray you recover SOON!!
Elizabeth in NC

Front Porch Grace said...

Praying that you heal swiftly and you are back up to speed soon.

Hope you are relaxing with some of your chicken soup. :-)

Thanks for the links!

In His Grace,

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

May you be well soon! Yes, indeed, chicken soup! with lots of veggies and garlic as Elizabeth mentioned.
I'm amazed and grateful you used some of your energy to put up these excellent links. Like Vee I need to manage my pantry and freezer better!

Anonymous said...

I like the new look--your new headline or whatever you call it in "blogland". Looks great.
Feel better soon.
Sharon D.