Thursday, February 23, 2012

Taking it easy

Some of you have already responded to the redecorating I did on the blog this morning.  I was waiting to take Christopher to campus and well, I had some time to use and since I didn't feel like doing any puttering around the house... I managed some pixel rearranging.

I should change the blog look at the last minute more often, I love the way it looks and I found that Colonial Williamsburg looking background in the Blogger background offerings (but it wasn't called that, of course).

Christopher had a make-up Latin exam this morning and that makes the last time he'll have to stay at the house for early morning tests until mid-terms.  Since he is on cold medicine, it was especially important to be here where he knew we would wake him up on time.  :)

Since I had to be on campus, I stopped by the library to check out the last in the Karen Kingsbury series hubby has been reading.  He was very glad it was available as he is still quite ill and not able to do much but read.

I also made a stop at Kroger to pick up fresh ginger to make ginger tea.  I'm pulling out all my natural healing recipes this winter.

I can't complain, as one having an impaired immune system... I've been relatively healthy this winter.  Just the usual sinus stuff for the most part until this cold hit.   My friend, Linda, has been quite seriously ill this winter.  It has been awhile since we've been able to meet for coffee or tea at her house (she doesn't know country roads well enough to drive here without her hubby).

My mother-in-law had been a surgical nurse before marrying in her early 30's.  She would often tell us the "old timers" (that being older than HER generation) always used the phrase "warm winters fill the grave yards".  I can see how that was possible before the days of modern medicine.

I want to write one more pantry post tomorrow... at least one more for now.  Not one more forever!  By the way, I almost forgot to tell you what president was picked the most by viewers of the newscast where I heard the question "What President would you want most to share a beer with?".

I hate beer (my German lineage father is turning over in his grave, I am sure) so I made the question... What President would you want most to have coffee with in front of a fireplace?  I didn't catch the very last numbers from the newscast but they already had pretty much a tie towards the end of the day... George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Back soon... God willing and the creek don't rise.


Anonymous said...

Love the new blog look and I hope your family feels better soon.

Mrs.Rabe said...

I love these kind of days...

The blog background looks great...We share a love of Williamsburg!

This weather is putting the itch in me to freshen things up and do some painting, and rearrange some furniture.


Sherry said...

Teddy Roosevelt.

Vee said...

I just didn't know where I was for a minute, but it does look fabulous over here. Love the new wallpaper and the header. I find that redoing my blog is better than doing the house. I get more of a kick out of it.

Interesting comment from the "old-timers." What I like best about it is the knowledge that there have always been warmer winters some years. ;> I haven't heard it expressed in exactly those terms, but I have heard the milder winter being blamed for sickness because it hasn't been cold enough for the "germs to be killed." Looks as if it's about to change with a snowstorm on its way.

Hope that everyone is feeling better and that you remain vertical.

Anonymous said...

Really like the new blog look. So cheerful! :)

Praying everyone feels better soon.


Maggie said...

I like the new blog design =)
I love ginger tea-it certainly helps me with an upset tummy and the like.
Hope you are all feeling well again real soon!

Anonymous said...

I love the new background, it looks so fresh!
Looking forward to more pantry posts!
Love, Martina

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Love the background you've chosen!

Hope you all feel better soon. I've been surprised that we all haven't had more illness with this crazy weather we've had (I had the AC on yesterday and today). But so far so good!

Anita Archer said...

I love the new background. Change is always good.

Which president would I most like to have coffee with sitting by a roaring fire? Hmmmm, I'll have to think on that one. That's an interesting question. I loved Kennedy but I'm so disappointed in the sexual scandals about him. I even wonder if this latest one is true. So I'll have to think some more on your question. Thanks for asking!