Thursday, January 05, 2012

Redecorating One

I thought I'd share a few pictures today and tomorrow.  Next week I'm hoping to write more about coffee, tea, books, and deepening the pantry.

However, this week my mind is still on redecorating the hutch, buffet, walls, etc.

Try as I may, I could not take a picture without the glare!
I do love winter scenes!
Yes, hubby has good taste but I was with him when we bought the print.  I had seen it and loved it immediately.   He also agreed it was beautiful.  It kind of reminds me of Colonial Williamsburg but Vee, he also thought it looked like Sturbridge!

It is by the same artist as the winter scene (with the pretty red door) which was a Christmas gift two years ago... but I wanted his opinion before making the purchase.

The souvenir print I brought back from Colonial Williamsburg is also a winter scene.

The wreath was his other gift to me (again, I picked it out).  When one is on a budget like ours, one is not timid about asking for a shopping trip instead of being surprised with a gift under the tree.

I've wanted a wreath like this for years and it inspired even more "tweaking" of my Living Room.  Note the autumnal oil painting, purchased from Goodwill eons ago.  I am an equal opportunity lover of seasonal artwork.  :)

Sorry about the flash again, imagine deep taupe walls instead of glaring white.

Tomorrow I will show the changes I made to the hutch, buffet, and china cabinet.


Vee said...

It all looks so nice! All of your art work is lovely. I thought your husband was doing an awful good job. =) Mine needed complete directions, too, though I didn't go shopping with him. If I had, I might not now have such lovely polka dots. :D

Mrs.Rabe said...

I love seeing your cozy and warm!


Thoughts for the day said...

Those pictures are beautiful who is the artist?
thank you for sharing your home.