Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The year of restoration

This year's Christmas gift from hubby!

Little glimpses here and there these past few months... some nothing more than minute memories of the past or half a line of a song once sung... brought me around to this year's word... Restoration

Nothing huge or traumatic but then again, I think it is the collection of small thoughts that bring more changes to my life.  The big stuff overwhelms and does not end in ponderings so much as my usual habit of flinging myself at the feet of Jesus, pouring my heart out and pleading for HELP.

I am at an age when I don't make resolutions, more than likely I pick up last year's goals and give them a good shaking... much as my husband shakes the throw rugs out on the porch to get rid of collected dirt. 

Some items on my list were performed as I hoped, a few never saw the light of day, and most are somewhere in the stage between Begin and Sigh and Set Aside... where so many good intentions sleep.

I know what must be done with them, time to reflect and think through what should be continued as well as what can be set aside as being a good intention but not worth my time at the moment.  I need to ponder.

While I know restoration will involve picking up again some old practices I once enjoyed (needlework for instance), true restoration will be much like pouring boiling water fresh from the kettle over dried fruit and letting it come back to life.  That which appeared to be all tired and dried out becomes... fresh.

Living with certain trials for any extended period of time... whether chronic illness, difficult finances, unanswered longings and desires, people challenges, work situations... stomping one's feet with long lived frustration kinds of trials... all have the ability to drain the very life from us and before we know it, we are shriveled up on the inside like a grape becoming a raisin.

But this year... this is the time of Restoration.  I'm not quite certain how it will be attained but I do know Who will pour the water... the same Person who once turned it into wine.  :)


The Working Home Keeper said...


Mary Ellen
The Working Home Keeper


A much needed word for this year.


mrspao said...

Amen to that!

Mel said...

Beautifully written!


Ann said...

Wonderful post ... and oh, how true, the source of our restoration. Blessings on you and your familiy.

Vee said...

Oh, and Dear Lord, may it not have to be boiling.

Your hubby did very well with the gift selection. I have always admired John Rossini's work and have had a calendar done by him I think. He has one of a radio flyer and a bike beside an old barn that I love. Am I making this up? Could be!

It looks like it or just a look alike? And I love snow pictures. We have so few of them in our homes and they really are wonderful in the winter and the summer when they help to make us feel cooler.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful gift!


Mrs.Rabe said...


What a beautiful word for this year!

We have challenges, not negative ones, just new and unknown ones...I am so glad to walk with Him taking hold of His hand as He leads us gently along.

Thankful to know the one who knows how it will all work out.


Susan said...

Beautiful word - full of hope. Hope in the Master Builder :-)

My word for the year: Brave

Linda said...

I found your post interesting. I've been feeling kind of burnt out with dealing with health issues and financial issues. I usually start the new year with renewed energy to tackle these things, but this year I just feel tired. I definetely need restoration. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hallelujah!! I am so very grateful for Jesus!
I was not feeling well last night and I ended up sleeping on the couch. Every time my stomach would hurt I simply called out to Jesus and knowing he was right there was amazing, it was peaceful. Glory be to God-Thank you Jesus!!!
Wonderful post. I am a new reader and I found your blog from Sally Clarkson's blog and I am glad that I did :)

Lori said...

I love your new picture from your husband. I love snow so much and could look upon it forever I think.

So much of what you write Brenda I find myself shaking my head in always seem to be writing my own thoughts.

Thank you so much for all you share Brenda. I would so love to share a cup of tea with you.

God bless..Lori

matty said...

I love hearing why you selected the word, Brenda. Tell what kind of needlework you enjoy, please. I'd love to hear. I think you must be a knitter?? Or cross stitcher? Inquiring minds and all that...

Don't you love the Williamsburg / Sturbridge feelings and decor?? That is the one thing I will miss this summer -- seeing Sturbridge... Sigh...

Have a wonderful weekend!

Karen Andreola said...

Tending not to reinvent resolutions for the new year I understand your message. To be better at coping with the same things, I agree, comes with maturity and that maturity - you so beautifully stated - comes from yielding to our Lord. I don't know how long you worked at writing your post but your piece seems to flow so gracefully and naturally along - from your heart. Thank you.
Your tea cups in the natural morning light make a pretty picture.
Karen A.