Friday, January 06, 2012

Redecorating Two

I changed the items on the hutch in the Living Room, for the first time displaying representatives of my brown transferware collection there.  They actually work quite nicely with the rest of the room.

Close up they are...

Royal Mail and Friendly Village cups, British Castles dinner plate

Friendly Village cups, salad plates and teapot, Vintage Game dinner plate

The Brook dinner plate*

Transferring my brown transferware dishes to the hutch made room to once again have teacups displayed on the buffet.

Natural morning light

Using the flash

I've also started returning teacups and teapots to the china cabinet.  I should say once again that all the items on the buffet were purchased while thrifting and often for a dollar or so... the July birthday teacup (front and center) was a gift from my wonderful daughter on a visit to Old Sturbridge Village.

Most of my dish collection were either gifts, found at thrift stores and garage sales, or reasonably priced at places like antique malls. The hunt for such pretties is part of the fun!  I view them as art just as much as anything I hang on the wall.  :)

Isn't this a pretty cross tassel?  It was actually a Christmas ornament purchased on clearance for a couple of dollars at Tuesday Morning after the Holidays.  I took one look at it and thought it would be lovely hanging from the china cabinet. 

The china in the bottom shelf has been bequeathed to Miss M. when she becomes Mrs. Christopher in May.  It is the Royal Albert Lavender Rose pattern.  She loves everything purple and lavender so it was not surprising she'd love those dishes when she saw them... so I gave them to her.

It isn't like I don't have enough dishes and the complete set was purchased six or seven years ago... once again... while thrifting.  :)

* In the years I've been collecting brown transferware while thrifting, I have only come across two dinner plates of "The Brook" by Franciscan.  It is a lovely pattern, it could inspire all sorts of fairy tales.  But then again, so could all the other patterns.... sigh.


The artist of the two winter scenes and the above picture (which was last year's Christmas gift) is John Rossini.  My request for Christmas has been the same for years... a gift certificate to spend at my favorite primitive-country shop Downtown.

Hubby works the last week of the semester at the bookstore on campus and purchases my gift certificate (or as in this year... gives me cash) from some of his earnings.  The Rossini prints are very reasonable!


Angela said...

A very nice gift for Miss M.! I love seeing what you do around your house--thank you for sharing your treasures!

Vee said...

Oh you are having too much fun tweaking and fluffing! It all looks wonderful. I know nothing of "The Brook" and now will be on the lookout. So often it is because I've not been observant. You know, the way you've never seen "that" car before until you buy one and then everyone else has it, too?

What a lovely gift to the newlyweds in May! That's coming right up, isn't it?

The cross tassel looks great there. Good eye, Brenda!

Nanna said...

love all the rearranging, I too love dishes! & teacups are all up in my cabinet, you can never have too many dishes, thats' my story & I always stick to it when I come across a good find LOL

Unknown said...

Brenda,I feel that I know you even though I have never met you. We have so much in common, first and formost, our love for our Savior, Jesus Christ. Next our love of books, I have gone by your recommendation on several. You gift of "use what I have" type of decorating, and of course our love of cats. My Rosie is here to follow along while I read about your Victoria. I am asking God to continue to bless your days with love and cheer as we walk through the days together as friends!

Anonymous said...

I love the dishes; they are so pretty on your hutch. Love the changes you have made there and with the teacups. I collect rose teacups and have noticed some similar if not the very same in your collection. Thanks for the tour.
Sharon D

Sunshine said...

I LOVE the bottom picture - I could just crawl up into that rocking chair with a good book. Happy New Year! Sunshine

suzanne said...

love the pic of your teacups in the natural morning light. i read you every day, since my daughter told me of your blog. in this dark and sorrowful world, your blog is a sweet ray of sunshine, reflecting God's glory, refreshing human hearts, and renewing MY conviction to seek His path every day. thank you!

Cheryl said...

What a delightful surprise to see the brown transferware in this January post! ~smile~ (Have I told you that I love brown transferware?) I love that you have found these wonderful dishes at reasonable prices, too!

Happy Redecorating!

Anita Archer said...

Miss M is one fortunate young person! Here's why: to be marrying one of my favorite young men, to have you as a mother-in-law and to be inheriting that beautiful set of dishes!

Lori said...

Your decorating is so lovely Brenda. I especially like the tea cups in the morning light and the cross tassel.

Your future daughter in-law is one lucky gal to receive such beautiful dishes... and to have such a sweet future mother in-law.

Once again, thank you for sharing!Now back to Miss