Thursday, November 04, 2010

Stencils and lists

I mentioned in the last post that the stencils on Stephanie's house were added by the previous owner.  However, she (that being my daughter) sent me the website where you can order them... although she said one may be tempted to sin and as I looked through their virtual catalog... much coveting was going on on my part as they have some really nice things!

The company is called Uppercase Living, the stencils are rub on (the Welcome stencil was in silver she said), and you can find it.... here.

I should be able to get back to the recommendations list soon.  It has taken a week to recover from the trip and we had dinner guests a couple nights ago and friends arriving for a brief visit Friday afternoon as they are passing through the area.

The list won't look as complicated as it actually is once it gets all typed out and I have already decided to make it very simple and not even try to put it in alphabetic order as I was earlier.

There are over 30 pages of comments to go through, something I just could not do when I became so ill with infections and bronchitis that lingered for months earlier in the year.

I also will be answering a few e-mails I couldn't get to before we left for New England.  Travel is very difficult for me and it takes awhile to recover but it was all worth it to see my family and a special friend... but you know I LOVE your e-mails.  :)


matty said...

What a lovely complilation of photoes and ideas! Your daughter is a very talented young lady! Loved the rosy cheeks that needed so much kissing! What a delightful trip!

Mrs.Rabe said...

I love that company that makes the stencils! So many wonderful ideas!

Thanks for sharing the link!

Vee said...

Thank you for the link. I enjoy seeing what is being done with stencils these days. It's evolved quite a bit since I was doing it back twenty years ago.

emma said...

i think i tried to comment before you went on your vacation, but i believe my computer ate my comment..!

What i said, if i can remember,is that i found your blog through Debra's "As I See It Now" blog and clicked on it one night when i was very weary...both physcially and emotionally. And while i truly do love your writngs, the music was heaven sent...

i put the laptop on the bed and lowered the volume and just listened as i was trying to drift off to sleep...and all night long it played and soothed me.

So thank you for not only sharing your live via a blog, but also for picking such lovely was as if Heaven sang me to sleep.


Terra said...

The stencils are very handsome and now I know the secret.

Anonymous said...

Boy do I know what you mean about recovery time taking longer as we age! :) I am ever so thankful we Do recover though. Just slow and steady and not over doing it. Thankyou for the stenciling address! It really made that front entracce of your Daughter's home didn't it!! :) Sarah

Manuela@TPOH said...

I'm very familiar with that company having looked at their site many a time! I love where the "Welcome" was placed - I also love it on the door itself.


Cheri said...

Thank you!