Friday, November 05, 2010

Books read in October

First of all... am I the only one who turned the page to November and wondered where 2010 has gone?  I mean, really, we will soon be in 2011... a date I once thought I'd experience only in SciFi shows!  We won't even talk about 2012, especially if you saw the movie... shudder.

But I digress, as usual...

Once again, thank you so much (I wish I could give all of you a hug) those who shop Amazon by clicking on an item in my Amazon widget (any book... you don't have to buy that item).  You have blessed me by taking the time in this busy world... and I am more diligent about going through my friend's link so she gets credit.

You will see that my original "to be read" list took a detour the way of New England.  I just could not have that delicious library of books (and I do mean Library) at their house to go to waste.  So... while others chatted and some cooked (I did help with clean up later)... this Mom made her way to a cozy chair in the Master Bedroom we had taken over... and read.  Sigh... Heaven.

So, here are my books read in October... some of which were perused.

The Country of the Pointed Firs by Sarah Orne Jewett

I wrote about this when I started it last month.  Imagine my surprise and delight when I first actually saw Stephanie's house at dawn (we arrived in the dark) and there were fir trees just like in the book!  The book starts rather slow but oh, so good.  No wonder it is still a classic and it has to be read slowly to fully take it in.

I think you'll especially enjoy it if you are interested in herbs as one of the main women in the book grows medicinal herbs.

Amazon link... The Country of the Pointed Firs

The Teaberry Strangler by Laura Childs

This book was waiting for me, having been purchased by Stephanie when she was on a trip and needed something to read.  I saved it for when I knew I'd be recovering a bit from the trip when I arrived home and it was really, really good.

Fans of Childs' Tea Mystery books will know there is a somewhat usual plot (someone gets murdered, cops don't find the culprit, tea room owner always snoops and always gets in trouble and always gets her man-woman).  However, it is in the telling and doing that it is a fun and quick read and one has to love the tea room scenes!

Amazon link... The Teaberry Strangler (not in paperback but should be soon)

When Children Love to Learn; A practical application of Charlotte Mason Philosophy for Today, Elaine Cooper General Editor

Stephanie has been telling me about this book since she first read it.  When I first began homeschooling, there were few books about Charlotte Mason (but all of the very good) and now there are wonderful websites, blogs, and many books.

I couldn't read all of this book, just too much information, but I enjoyed perusing through it and then giving a few chapters (written by various authors) more attention.  It is a very good book for all homeschoolers but especially those who prefer teaching in the CM manner.

Amazon link... When Children Love to Learn

For the Family's Sake - The Value of Home in Everyday Life by Susan Schaeffer Maucaulay

I've already read this book twice before but I once again found myself taking it off the shelves at Steph's house.  It was Susan's original book, For the Children's Sake, that was part of my influence to homeschool Christopher using the Charlotte Mason philosophy (which fit my love of literature and schooling an ADHD boy like the proverbial glove).

In this book, Susan talks mostly about homemaking, family life, raising children, and less about education (although it is still there).  As I read this book the first time, around ten years ago when it came out, I could just hear her mother (Edith Schaeffer) speaking in the way Susan wrote... while also being her own person.

This is a favorite book with lots to think about.  I brought it back with me to continue reading through it... this time for the third reading as I found sections I don't even remember... like her recommending Elizabeth Goudge books!

Amazon link... For the Family's Sake

Faithful Women and their Extraordinary God by Noel Piper

LOVE this book, which contains biographies of women whom God has used throughout time.  Each chapter is a condensed (but excellent) biography of a "faithful woman" including: Sarah Edwards (whose story I re-read while sitting in the cozy chair), Lilias Trotter, Gladys Aylward, Esther Ahn Kim and Helen Roseveare.

It was especially moving reading Sarah Edwards' story again just after visiting Old Sturbridge Village in Mass. and having some idea of the living conditions which were prevalent just a few years after Sarah lived... and OSV is in the same state the Edward's lived. 

Noel makes each woman come alive and leaves us with the realization that God can use us where He has placed us... whether in "good" or "bad" circumstances.  Noel is an excellent writer, I also loved her book called Treasuring God in Our Traditions... which was a gift from my daughter one year.

Amazon Link... Faithful Women and their Extraordinary God

My Life For Yours; a Walk Through the Christian Home by Doug Wilson

I love picking up a book and find an "old subject" looked at in a way I'd never thought of before.  Doug Wilson walks through each room of a home, looking at it from a "spiritual" perspective.  It may sound boring but it is far from it.  I found myself reading sections of it to my husband, who was trying to go to sleep!

It offers one of the best descriptions of a man as head of the house that I've ever read... not legalistic but still in keeping with what many see in the Word.  One of the sections I read to my husband was how a husband is to be head of the house (by looking out for, protecting, providing for, working for, etc... his family) but it is the wife who is the head of the household.

He suggests husbands be understanding that their wives by nature want to decorate their homes and make them comfy and beautiful for their families and that they should be given a certain amount of budget and freedom to do so... within a budget, of course.

Very interesting book and while I could see how it would possibly be a source of debate... I found it to be very balanced.  (This is not a book about marriage but family life and our walk with Christ, that was only in the opening section if I remember correctly.)

Amazon link... My Life For Yours

Heaven by Randy Alcorn

This is a good sized book that I had heard a lot about.  Still, I took quite awhile to peruse it our last two evenings I had access to the "Library".

Everything I had heard about it was good and I must agree.  Where a question can be answered directly from the Word, Randy gives the Scripture.  Where there are "gray" areas (such as pets in Heaven), he gives his opinion and that which others have written.

Of course, I like it because he believes our pets do go to Heaven if we so desire... even if Stephanie did give me "a look" when I told little Matthew that Sasha is now in Kitty Heaven but I choose to believe God loves me so much... He can cause my beloved furry family members to be There.   Hmmmph!

While a nonfiction book, it reads easily (for Alcorn is a gifted writer) and I believe it would make a great resource book to go back to when questions arise... as well as just an enjoyable read.  I can see how it would be of great comfort to a family member or friend who faces Eternity soon... makes one look forward to being there.

He spends a great deal of time talking about the New Earth, too... a subject which does not get much attention in books.

Amazon link... Heaven (it's available on Kindle but I didn't see it in paperback, yet)

Books purchased with Amazon credit:

Goodness Gracious by Roxie Kelley & Shelly Smith

A wonderfully colorful cookbook which I had fallen in love with when I took it out of the library.  It is but one of a number of similar cookbooks by this author-illustrator combination.  This one was a favorite due to it being about "grace and gracious living" and the combination of recipes and a few prose pages highlight such.

Amazon link... Goodness Gracious  (I bought an inexpensive used copy)

The Pioneer Woman Cooks by Ree Drummond

I've wanted this book since it first came out and when the price dropped to a little over $15.00 new... it was time to use credit to purchase it.

I'd seen various reviews of it online and I absolutely love it!  If you enjoy her blog and recipes, you will enjoy this book.  Shhh... I'm getting a copy for Miss E.'s next birthday when she turns nine... she collects recipe books like her mom and Grammie and she will also enjoy the pictures and easy recipes in this book... it is one of those rare cookbooks enjoyed by experienced as well as new cooks.

I have a feeling her brothers will be looking at all the pictures of the Drummond ranch.  :)

Ree admits (on her blog and in this book) that her recipes aren't always the healthiest but they are certainly comfort food at its' best.  Highly recommended and at a good price brand new... but there are used copies available.

Amazon link... The Pioneer Woman Cooks

I also was able to purchase a used copy of Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus (edited by Nancy Guthrie) to be used in December's Advent quiet times.  It contains individual chapters about Christmas, written by many favorite writers (old and new).

Purchased with the gift e-mail credit

A DVD I've wanted for awhile now!  Take Peace- a Corgi Cottage Christmas, the Christmas DVD about Tasha Tudor's Christmas traditions.  It was beautiful!

I was suppose to leave it in New England for the girls to watch but found it in my book bag upon arriving back home... sigh.  It will be on its' way back to the girls soon so they can watch it as Christmas draws near!

Thank you so much to the anonymous gift giver, you blessed me greatly.

Amazon Link... Take Peace - a Corgi Cottage Christmas

Books given to me by very special authors...

I mentioned to Sarah that I had given the copy of her book I was sent to review to a very special homeschooling friend.

Sarah had a copy with her in which she wrote a very sweet note (just to ME!).  It will always stay on my shelves, as it reminds me of a very special young woman.  Our families became friends when Sally and I realized we were so much alike... we have come to love and appreciate them very much... they are Velveteen Rabbit real.

I once again highly recommend this book for anyone who reads, shops for, gives, or generally loves... books for children and young people.  :)

Amazon link... Read for the Heart

I haven't quite decided upon what I'll read for November...

Picture:  A Good Book;


Anonymous said...

Of all of the books that you mentioned, the only one I have is the Pioneer Woman Cookbook. I enjoy it very much and have made several of her recipes...the favorite being the chocolate sheet that was sinful!

I'm going to see if I can find the Tasha Tudor DVD...that looks enjoyable!

Thanks for all you share!♥

Mrs.Rabe said...

Your post has made me think I better start a book list...of books to read!

I do have the one by Susan Schaffer McCauley so I will likely reread that one first!

Heather L. said...

Awww!! I'm so glad you have your very own Read for the Heart

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

A very nice list! I have loved The Country of the Pointed Firs since I read it in high school. It has a charm that makes you want to read it slowly........Have you ever read Mrs. Appleyard and I, Brenda?

Jean in Wisconsin said...

If you've seen 2012, I think you would truly enjoy listening to Neil deGrasse Tyson--a famous astronomer--talk about it. He is just so humorous...Every time I listen to this YouTube clip I go away laughing--no matter how many times I see it.

Blow those clouds away!