Wednesday, November 03, 2010

A little more vacation show and tell

Friends( Stephanie and Sarah) enjoying a stroll in the  park

We had such a delightful time in New England but there were a few very special events.  It was made especially nice by the visit of Sarah Clarkson for a couple of days.

She is beautiful inside and out and... and as I told her mother... it makes me know Sally's advice for moms is good because of the way her children turned out.  :)

 Anna and her friend, Sarah

Sarah was part of our "girls day out" in which all of us girls from Anna to moi' spent the morning in a beautiful New England town which Stephanie "discovered" while taking Faith to ballet classes.

Faithy loves her dance class!  Which is not surprising since my pet name for her is Tigger.  :)

A very serious discussion between Mommy and Elisabeth
about what to order...

Beautiful park!

We went to a very yummy coffee shop for... ummm... coffee... and carbs.  There was time to walk through a beautiful park and then we went "booking" as Sarah calls it (a term Stephanie and I have used over and over since we learned it from her) at a really neat used bookstore.

We later had a lovely tea party around Stephanie's enormous farm style table with elegant tea cups and tea stuff and the absolute best lemon scones I have ever eaten (served with Devonshire cream and lemon curd).  She has promised to put the recipe on her blog soon. 

Just as we were beginning our tea, there was a gentle thunder and rain which made it all so England-like... or so I am told by those who have been there (that being Stephanie and Sarah).  Alas... no pictures... sigh.

We were all sad when Sarah had to leave as she still had many miles to travel on her adventures.  She eventually made it home safe and sound to Colorado.

Granddad giving baseball advice...

There was an afternoon playing baseball while we were there.

The Catcher...

I had to take over when the catcher was whisked away to the hair salon... after attempting to give himself a haircut while Grammie and Mommy were away from home.

Anna loves it when her toesies are without socks!

Could not resist kissing those cheeks!

Then there was this little girl... who was behind this trip when her mom talked about those chubby cheeks.  ;)

Thus, I come to the end of my vacation slides.

NOTE:  The Welcome and Pantry stencils were already on the house when it was purchased.


Heather L. said...

oh my goodness!!! Anna is so cute!!! And I love her hair!!!

Brenda Leyland said...

What beautiful photos... and memories to match!

Pretty music too!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Those are awfully kissable cheeks, Brenda.

Vee said...

Your grandgirlies are so adorable and that grandson of yours...what a cutie pie. Ahh, yes, the cutting of the hair...we've been through this a few's always a moment to either cry or just laugh. Beautiful, cozy corner your daughter and her family have landed in. Hope that you will enjoy many, many more visits through the years.

Cheri said...

Thanks for the info on the stencils! Love the pictures of Anna. My granddaughter and grandson are 1,000 miles away from me - so I know how precious those cheek-kissing times are!

Anonymous said...

I liked your term "booking" since we really enjoy doing that too.

katia said...

How precious..there is nothing like family...Iloved reading about your get together...My kids are in Minnesota in college, and I miss thes so every day!!! My daughter has the stencil in her colleges home..they are so cozy!!!