Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The weather outside is frightful... inside it is delightful

 Miss Victoria finds all that snow fascinating

My son switched his student parking pass from his car to ours and loaded the back seat with clothing he would need for at least two days.  He called today to let me know he had arrived on campus this morning just fine (we had a few inches of snow already) but the parking lot had already been plowed enough that he couldn't get out if he wanted to come home.

Winter storm and blizzard warnings continue throughout the State (the closer one is to the Lake, the more likely there will be blizzard conditions).  Winter continues...

The German cup I recently found for 99 cents

As for me... there is something about being snowed in that causes one to relax and enjoy the moment.  I mean, really... what else can you do?  It is at times like this, I'm glad my neighbor owns a Hummer and I have access only to Christopher's little Japanese car.  I'm at home.

The blue and white English teacup 
is another recent 99 cent Goodwill find.
(I must admit it is rare I find great teacups at my store.)
A third round of antibiotics (this time three a day... ugh) and two Benedryl knocked me out for a few hours.  That's okay, I'm not going anywhere and there are no toddlers in the house which require constant attention.  Well, except Victoria.

Rose glasses with 
matching rose pitcher (kept elsewhere).
Waiting for a summer day on the deck.

I've promised my husband I'll make lentil stew today or tomorrow.  There is ground beef that must be turned into "something" (hmmm... meatloaf perhaps?).

Yes, tea and books are the plan for tonight...  I'm not going, anywhere today... and that's okay.

Pictures:  Should one be (like me), really nosy... pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.


Anonymous said...

SO sorry to hear you are ill still...will be praying you are well soon...sounds like lots of sleep is in order too!!

Vee said...

It's a cozy thing to be all hunkered down with lentil soup, books, a hubby, and a cat. It must also be good to know that Christopher will be staying put for a couple of days until this weather is past.

Thank you for your comment today. It's so good to know that I am not alone!

Joyce said...

Peaking at your blog today and want to say stay warm and stay in and feel better. Think SPRING!

Packrat said...

I do hope you feel better soon! As to the snow - I wish some would come this way. We have had very little this year. There is hardly any in the surrounding mountains, either. No snow now, no water in the summer.

Woman of the House said...

I'm a regular reader but irregular commenter, but I wanted to say I laughed out loud regarding your comment about enlarging pictures to read book titles. That's exactly what I did. lol I have one Gladys Taber book that I got from PaperBack Swap. I enjoyed reading it so much. And I picked up Green Dolphin Street by Elizabeth Goudge at the library sale last week. I kept seeing her books recommended in various places and was so excited to find one of her books at the sale. Just thought you might like to know. :-)

Sherry said...

Definitely nosy about books, and I'm planning to read something by Ms. Stevenson soon. I'm not sure what yet.

Anonymous said...

We are expecting your snow to arrive here in Delaware tonight. I'm planning to spend some time reading, also. I'm a Gladys Taber fan, as well. Her chronicles of life in Connecticut and Massachusetts always inspire me!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, I love looking at other people's books, especially yours! For someone wanting to try D.E.Stevenson, I recommend "Mrs. Tim".

Friend Debra

carla said...

Nice teacups. I have the teapot to match the one with the roses.

Also some of the Gladys Taber and D.E. Stevenson titles.

Am currently reading "Pilgrim's Inn".

Just saw "An Irish Country Doctor" mentioned at http://50shousewife.blogspot.com/ She said it reminded her of the Mitford books. Think I'll try it soon since the library has it. Have you read it?

Brenda Leyland said...

Enjoyed seeing your treasures.

Also had fun enlarging your book photo so I could see some of the titles on your shelf. I see you have Lark Rise to Candleford. That was a great read... it was a fun book to read aloud to my hubby.

Marie said...

I found it interesting that you had books on your shelf by Thompson. My mom's dad's family are Thompson's. I have been busy at the computer putting names into the family tree maker and collecting old pictures that we are going to make into a book.
I also love your tea cup finds from Good Will.

Kay said...

I, too, am a bookshelf snoop. I often wish the photos in shelter magazines were "click-able". Especially the cookbook shelves.

I love Gene Stratton-Porter books but have not seen Daughter of the Land before. I'll have to look for it.

Another author you may enjoy is Bess Streeter Aldrich.

Praying you feel better soon and for Christopher as he navigates those winter roads.

Annabelle said...

Just started reading your blog a few weeks ago & I love it. I'm posting today because I noticed your Gladys Taber books in the picture. I have all of her books & just love them! Hope you feel better soon.

Mrs.Rabe said...

We have similar activities going on here!

Lots of delightful reading, cooking, knitting, baking going on. I do have my kids with me 4 years to 18 years old! And the girls dear friend who came to get snowed in with them!

I hope your electricity stays on and that your meds will help you to get well.

Enjoy your cozy days.

freddie said...

I like the bad weather outside and cozy inside... your home just looks like HOME to me; this is something I sometimes miss living in huge and often cold monasteries... but now I'm at my parent's and it's great.
Take care, praying for you

Anonymous said...

It's even cold here in Texas. I have my little 4-week-old nephew staying with me while his brother is in the hospital. This little runt likes to eat every three hours; needless to say, he and I were up and down all last night. He's all snuggled up under my robe sound asleep right now.
Hope you have a good day; enjoy your sweet books and tea.

Shelley said...

So lovely to see others who relish the writings of Gladys Taber. That's the best reason I can find for staying in and cozy on a cold, blustery winter's day.

Enjoy!! ...and feel better

Anonymous said...

Oops, I goofed and said Delderfield instead of Stevenson. I read them as a group too.


Jackie from N.J.

MaryFran said...

Hello, just found your blog, IT'S DELIGHTFUL! It's amazing that when you get a glimpse of someone elses life, you find things in common. Just wanted to say that the rose plate in the background(behind the rose glasses) is a plate that matches a set of dishes my Grandmother left to me. She had had them for many years, I think their pretty. God Bless.

Nan said...

Wonderful, wonderful books!!