Monday, February 08, 2010

Calm before the storm

Another big snowstorm is on the way with the first flakes beginning this evening, getting heavier as the hours progress.  Sigh... think green, think pretty flowers on the deck, think spring.

These pictures were all taken yesterday after two days of sunshine had melted a lot of snow.  Even then the scene was beautiful.

The snow is still deep enough we can't tell where the gravel lane ends and our driveway begins... and more on the way?

At least one can try to appreciate the beauty.  The county road looks so peaceful.

The forest in winter always amazes me by its' stark beauty.  The trees and brush are so thick at other times of year, one can't see into the forest at all.

I often think of the pioneers who settled this area.  How difficult it must have been to forge trails and clear a home and garden in those days... much less stay warm!

The forest always wants to take back the land it lost, especially in our back yard.  :)


Anonymous said...

We were disappointed today by large, lovely snowflakes falling and melting on contact, so I'm enjoying your snow pictures and word pictures. Juli

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

What a beautiful setting. I love the pictures. You have such a gorgeous view. I imagine you could sit and look out the window and see these scenes and it must calm you. I believe it would me. My daughter and I hope to come up to Indiana in April, but I'll bet the snow will be long gone. It's so pretty!

Tracy said...

We got 21 inches of snow over the weekend. Storm is expected Tuesday into Wednesday moring. Last I heard we were supposed to get 6-12 inches maybe more depend on the storms track. Snow is beautiful but it does present problems.

Lallee said...

I'm ready for Spring too, but your snow pictures are so pretty.

It sounds like Victoria is keeping you just as entertained as my mischievous kitties are. No dull moments.

About empty bedrooms--my middle son just moved back out for second time after being with us 2 years. You never know, but I have a guest room again.

Vee said...

Pretty corner of the country you live in that's for sure. Stay safe and be warm and cozy. We'll expect lots of good book reviews from these storms. You'll have to come to the Northeast for a break from such weather!

matty said...

Lovely pictures! I always think of the pioneers carrying everything they own on their backs and WALKING to their new home. What strength!

Beth said...

How pretty! The local schools are closed today in my part of Indiana. I'm not quite sure how to tell my girls that they STILL have to do THEIR school (homeschooled) while their step brother gets to be OUT of school today!
We did go to the grocery store last night to buy milk and bread...and some "fun" lunch type things. Maybe today can be fun with a "history" movie thrown in the mix...that might make them happy!
Have a lovely BLUSTERY day!

Anonymous said...

My father used to take us kids into the country for the day. He showed us areas that were untouched and how snarled the land was and thick the woods. To go into them you would have to hack your way through. There he would read us stories of the pioneers and we would gain a new perspecitive of their trials. We now only see open lands and roads...there were none.then. The lands ahead were often unknown totally to the person who ventured on. Other times we would just picnic and pick out pretty stones and wild flowers to take home. One spring time he took us and showed us a very thick thorned vine and made a small wreath for each of us out it and read us the story of the crusifictioin. Never had it seemed so real. These lessons cost nothing but were aabsolutely priceless. Jodi

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Stockpile those books, polish your glasses, simmer some tea water, and GET READY!

I wish you good luck!

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

freetobeme - Anita said...

My great grandparents homesteaded in northeaster Iowa. They came over from Norway and that area was supposedly very like their homeland in Norway. I love to read the stories about their beginnings. Your blog brought it all back to my mind. Thank you for sharing!