Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More peeks into the book shelves

Today we have an occasional light snow shower with filtered sun breaking through once in awhile.  However, wind gusts continue over 30 mph and the snow is soft and fluffy... can we say heavy drifting?  More snow is possible this weekend.

Did you hear Chicago had an earthquake?  Even the sod beneath us is tired of all the snow.  :)

Yes, I love to see what people have on their bookshelves.  In yesterday's picture, all the D. E. Stevenson books that I own showed up except for Miss Buncle's Book (which is hiding by Mrs. Tim Christie).  Now you can see them in this picture.  Both of those books were gifts from like minded blog friends.  I found the others at thrift shops. I can't wait to read the Stevenson books next month and I'm hoping to find a couple more at the library.

Lark Rise to Candleford and (the sequel) Still Glides The Stream are autobiographical books by Thompson which were recent purchases with Amazon credit.  I love old books and was very happy to find inexpensive copies in great shape through a used book dealer (although Lark Rise is still in print).  For Stevenson fans, yes... there is a Still Glides the Stream on the bookshelf written by Stevenson... same title but different authors.

Lanier has a beautiful post about Lark Rise... here, which will explain more about them.  I first read about these books in the old Victoria magazine.  There is a BBC series based on the books.  I've heard they are based on the books but do not follow them closely.

Here is a glimpse of another section of bookshelves...

... and another section.

Another little peek?  Two Patrick Taylor books are hiding on this shelf.  (His first two, which were gifts from another blog friend along with the English diaries which I believe are hiding, too.)  It's just a good place to prop the Christmas present Steph gave me a year ago.

Okay, you talked me into one more...

... not to mention books in the kitchen.

Lots more books which escaped the lens of the camera this time... and to think Christopher's friends don't believe we've given away more than we own now (there are bookshelves in both bedrooms and the little office).  I guess some people don't understand downsizing.  :)

How did we build our library?  Book sales, thrift shops, garage sales, gifts... over many years.


Mrs.Rabe said...

We have many, many books too!

In every room....

They are a delight!

matty said...

One of my favorite things to do when sightseeing or visiting a historical home is to look at the bookshelves. It makes me feel I can now more about the person by seeing what they read!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love books!! I work at a donation center and I go through those books each week and get at least I cnat beliee what people toss away. Our Library also has sales, and a take and keep section for old books that are no long being borrowed. Reminds me I have been in there lately :o)

There are so many books and so little time!!

I am trying though I bought 3 and got one just this week and it is only Wednesday!

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Now I know you're as obsessed and bookaholic as I.

I have piles, shelves, baskets, and boxes of books in EVERY room. I come from the book school of decorating and think that books make the room (along with fresh flowers).

Have you read the old books Our Village by Mary Russell Mitford, or Precious Bane by Mary Webb. Nowhere will you find better insight to the traditions and life in the countryside. I treasure my copies of these books and used them as references when writing Sunflower Houses in the early 90s.

Read on!

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

Terra said...

Thank you for this peek at your book shelves. My dh and I are eclectic in our reading tastes, and I see from your books that you are too.
I am a writer and a librarian, so I obviously found the right profession. LOL.
An acquaintance helped preserve C.S. Lewis' home, The Kilns, and in particular Lewis' book collection. I got to hold in my very own hands some of the books that Lewis owned. What a thrill.

Joyce said...

I wonder if my grands will be looking at peoples books on Kindels in the future? I love a bookcase stuffed with all types of books I have read over the years but due to lack of space we no longer keep many. I keep a journal now with the name of the book and a brief blurb about the content of the book and I rate the book from 1-10. I read so much that some times I know I read the book but have forgotten what it was about. A good reference for me.

scrappy quilter said...

Lots of wonderful books. I see you have a Joel Rosenberg one. I loved his books and continue to read any book he puts out. We've given most of our books away to the library when we moved. We are once again starting another library although we plan on moving this fall. We shall see what happens with the books in the move.

We are all verocious readers. I can't imagine life without a book. Hugs

Emily said...

Thank you for sharing the glimpses of your bookshelves, Brenda. I see that we have many of the same titles.

Anonymous said...

We also have books in every room, even the hallway (well, not the bathrooms, too much moisture). I am making a list of the books everyone is mentioning in the comments that I don't already have. Do you think there will really come a time when books are a thing of the past? Sitting in front of a screen is no substitute for the aroma and feel of pages in your hand.

Friend Debra

Lesa said...


I just followed a link from Sarah at A corker's Life and wound up on your site. I really love it.

I am trying to start a library style blog and I was wondering if you would take a look at it in a few days?

I lost my nerve for a while and took down a few of the posts I had put up and now I am angry with myself.

Anyway, here is my blog:

God Bless You,


Lesa said...

Me again, I just read what you wrote about speaking kindly. It is so true, one sarcastic comment from someone I don't even know is what made me take my blogs down.

Anonymous said...

Have u seen this blog of bookshelves? It's wonderful...

Anonymous said...

Ah James Herriot...we have LOVED the movies and books. We have watched our DVDs over and over and over that British humor plus animals..who can go wrong there?? Long ago I got a big book with many photos and articles all about the region and drawings of the tools mentioned in the books, etc. A VERY interesting read in my opinion...the book is called The Best of James Herriot and put out by The Reader's Digest. I paid full price for that book and happily so!!

We have so many books and need to pare down. I rarely ever go anyplace I can buy more, as it is way too tempting.

Blessings, Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

I just had to comment on how muuch fun it was to read the titles on your bookshelves. I used to do that when I went to a dear friend's house. I am so glad that your are going to be reading Delderfield. A number of years back I went on a spree and read everything I could get my hands on.
Happy Reading
Jackie from N.J.

Vee said...

Yesterday, while at the flea market, I found all of James Herriot's books...looking so pristine...for $5 a copy. I wished I had an extra $25 in my wallet. I also spent some serious time looking for Elizabeth Goudge books. Nope. Oh, and I was going to buy my grandmother a Horatio Alger book (she's rereading as many as she can find), but it was selling for $8. Ridiculous!

It is true that looking at other people's book shelves is always intriguing.

myletterstoemily said...

i think books are the best decorations in a home.
their covers are beautiful, and their hearts satisfy
our souls.

Kay said...

Thank you for the glimpse into your cookbook shelf. Susan Branch! Hearth & Home! The Mennonite Cookbook! We have exact same tastes. :o)

Gladys Taber! Stevenson? I have to check if I've read him/her.

Silver Chalice, yes. Laura I Wilder! I've loved her since I was 10.

The Robe!! I need to find my copy. I want to start the tradition of reading that every Easter-tide. Have you seen the film adaptation?

How I wish we could all do a book swap. :o)

Manuela@TPOH said...

I love books, old and new. Lark Rise always seems to be on on PBS lately. I've watched some of it but can't say I particularly enjoyed it. But I didn't catch it from the beginning so maybe that makes a difference.

I love getting a look at what people have on their shelves! Thanks for sharing yours.