Wednesday, October 07, 2009

New England plans

I'm working on Thursday's post, packing, as well as making a few snacks and such so no one starves while I'm gone. Christopher has been chatting with his sister on Facebook, basically asking what he will do with Mom gone for nearly two weeks. We really should have included cooking lessons in his homeschooling curriculum.

I met my friends (and former neighbors), Sheila and Suzy this morning for coffee. We hadn't met since Sheila returned from Europe. She was in Finland with her husband while he was on sabbatical, teaching at a University there from January through part of the summer. When he finished, they did a bicycle tour of the surrounding countries.

There is obviously no empty nest syndrome in that house. By the way, all four of their boys are in college now since their oldest decided to attend Harvard Law School after teaching in an inner city school for a few years.

It was their house where Christopher stayed this summer, all their boys had internships in other towns so it was empty. Our sons grew up together and my son is their "adopted" gentile son. He was across the street at their house so often, they could have added him as a dependent on their tax returns!

While I still have a lot to do to prepare for the trip, it was still nice to get together. I have found through the years that if time isn't made to stay in touch with old friends... it doesn't happen. I know so many people who travel all over the world at the drop of a hat and I'm hyperventilating just going to New England. Can we say... small town girl? :)

Here is the agenda Stephanie has planned so far:
  • Attend their church on Sunday and then her friend's baby shower.
  • Dinner at my son-in-law's parents (wonderful people!) the same day (I think).
  • Reservations have been made at a tea room for Stephanie, Elisabeth, Tigger (aka: Faith), and both grandmothers... now there is a memory in the making.
  • A trip to an apple orchard.
  • Sarah Clarkson flies in at the end of the week (my grandchildren love her already).
  • Off to Hartford for the women's conference... Elizabeth George is the morning speaker, Sally teaches one of the workshops (am I in Heaven, or what?). Yes... Stephanie bought tickets the day before they sold out! Whew...
  • The remaining Clarksons meet with us at Stephanie's house on Sunday and spend the night (it will be a full house but lots of fun).
  • We are planning on making a trip to Old Sturbridge Village if the weather is good... which is one of my favorite places on the planet.
  • Lots of looking at fall colors at their peak... yes, I am bringing my camera (thank you to my blog friend who gave it to me so you can have pictures on this blog).
This is such a nice gift from my daughter and son-in-law. I am thoroughly spoiled. Life does have a way of balancing... difficult health and finances but wonderful kids and friends (like you all). :)

I'll make certain the book and film recommendation post is up by Thursday evening. It will stay up the entire time I am gone. Be sure to write your favorites in the comments on Thursday's post... that is the one I will link back to after assembling all the suggestions in one big post when I return. I will give an example on Thursday.

In the meantime, enjoy going here to find the most delicious pumpkin recipe links on the Old Fashioned Tips blog. I have loved Brenda Hyde's Old Fashioned Tips website for years and years. How happy I was when there was also a blog. I love the blog and website (for the website, go here).

Now... I must really get some more work accomplished. Miles to go before I sleep...


Elizabeth said...

I love your wonderful blog !!!

Irina said...

Old Sturbridge Village is SO much fun and so beautiful! Kids will love it too!

Kimberly said...

Can I sneak into your suitcase and go, too? Please?!?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Have a wonderful time Brenda!!!! I have never been to a conference or a retreat or such but it sure does sound good. Elizabeth George!! Oh I love her books too! Go and collect tons of good memories Brenda!!! Jody

matty said...


Be safe, have fun, wear your seatbelt, write when you can! LOL It is so exciting and we can all live through your wonderful holiday! Won't you take lots of notes and pictures for us? Give Sturbrudge my love and give a special pat to the farm and the wool mill! I am so excited for you! Enjoy!


scrappy quilter said...

Have a wonderful time. You'll be missed however you deserve some special mother/daughter time. Hugs..

Mrs.Rabe said...

I am on a fall foliage trip with my family, including my parents, right now! We are staying in Vermont tonight. It is lovely you are going to have a wonderful visit. Your conference sounds great too! Enjoy tea with your girls!

Have a wonderful time!

Cheryl (Copper's Wife) said...

Your trip sounds wonderful. Have a fantastic time!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you are blessed! Have a wonderful time! Are you flying? I would sure like to be at that conference! We will miss you; let us know when you are home even if its only a sentence or two.

Friend Debra

Becky K. said...

It sounds like wonderful things await you! Enjoy your time with the children and Sally. I do hope you have fabulous weather!!

Becky K.

Diana said...

I've been lucky enough to visit New England in fall. You will So enjoy it..take good care of yourself. And, Take time to stop at pumpkin/farm stands . Some of my most colorful photos and fun is at various stands through Vermont.