Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Be thinking about... books... and film

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I'm feeling a little better but I'm staying close to home today to rest. It seems I have a cold. Where did that come from?

It is almost time for another book recommendation post. If you want an idea of what I'm writing about, you can click on the Warm and Cozy Book Recommendations icon (the cozy chair and kitty) on the sidebar. It takes you to the list I put together from your recommendations awhile back.

This time, instead of just the books having warm and cozy scenes, I'm asking for a list of books that make you warm and cozy inside. Perfectly in time for cooler weather for many of us. :)

Like so many of you, I found wonderful new books from suggestions (and the gift of books from those who had an "extra", in which I found lovely authors to search for at book sales).

It doesn't matter if they were already listed in the last recommendations post. For a matter of fact, I hope we cover all of those and many more. I had so many e-mails from people telling me they printed out the recommendations and kept the list with them.

This post will coincide with a blog break while I am traveling. It is good to take a break once in awhile. Throw in New England in October, beloved family, and meeting friends... it is just what is needed for almost two weeks. When my daughter told me Sally Clarkson was speaking in Hartford and invited me to come out... how could I say no?

The recommendations post will give more information and it will be posted this Thursday night. It will stay up and be available for you to come back to the entire time I'm away.

I know the last time, many of us thought of another book or movie we wish we'd added. This will give plenty of opportunity to come back and add more suggestions.

Oh, yes... we will once again be asking for your favorite warm and cozy movies, too.

All I ask is that all book and film recommendations be such that young ladies could read or watch them without embarrassment.

What are your favorites? What fiction and nonfiction books and films make your heart sing? What author speaks your language?

Be thinking about them for Thursday's post (not this one). :)

Pictures: Just a few glimpses of my living room bookshelves.


Suze said...

I have an unusual author to recommend. He was very famous in the late 1800's and has been rather obscure since. His name is Edward Payson Roe and he was born and lived in the same county as I was born in - in NY State (Orange County). He was a pastor at a church in a town not far from where I grew up and his books reflect the message of Jesus Christ. They are wonderful stories based on people in his periphery during his life - and they make me feel VERY warm and cozy inside. What could be more warm and cozy than the love of the Creator of the Universe for His children - and what could make it more enjoyable than lovely stories from an age gone by - yet the characters are as fresh and real as any today. You can sample some of his books on Google Books - they are free as long as you can read on screen. I've long since converted to buying used copies from Abebooks.com because I'm sold on Edward Payson Roe as an exceptional author. I understand from web information about him that, in his time, he was more popular than Mark Twain.

Brenda Leyland said...

Without thinking, Jan Karon's Mitford books make me feel cozy and warm.

There are lots of others, but I have to let my mind wander first.......

It's cold and blustery here tonight. Wind is a-howlin'! A good night for cozying up with a good book.

Sue said...

Have a wonderful time in New England Brenda. Enjoy the time with your grandchildren.

There are so many books that make one feel warm and cozy- hard to know where to begin...but here are just a few...
Laura Ingalls Wilder, LIttle House Books
Caddie Woodlawn by Carol Ryrie Brink
Some by Alexandra Stoddard
Emilie Barnes
Terry Willits
Mrs.Sharp's Traditions (probably not the exact title)

I'll check my shelves for a few more.

I have small grandchildren so we enjoy Little Golden Books by Eloise Wilkins. They are just darling.

matty said...

Have a lovely trip! The weather looks absolutely wonderful and I am believing that you will have a wonderful trip and that you and all will be so blessed by the visit!

Keep safe and know you are in our prayers!


Rain said...

Have a wonderful trip out East. I live in NY on the MA border and the leaves here and air are lovely.
I was thinking about attending the same conference with my 14 yr. old daughter but saw it had sold out. Have a fabulous time! I love Sally Clarkson, she is a real treasure.

Vee said...

Have so missed visits here...your blog makes me feel warm and cozy, Brenda. Enjoy your New England time...autumn is so perfect here. Will look forward to hearing about your journey and the conference and I'll be checking back to see what your readers have had to say. I love the Mitford series, too, for the warmth factor.

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I would love to hear Sally Clarkson!! I discovered her through your blog, and I have ordered some of her books since. I traveled through New England in the fall a few years ago (Bar Harbor) and fell in love with it. Enjoy yourself and your family.


Irina said...

Hi Brenda,

Are you coming to New England to spend time with your grandchildren? That would be so wonderful! Autumn is beautiful here. Sorry I don't comment more often, but I read all the time. I couldn't not comment this time. I'll be going to Iron Sharpens Iron Women's conference (just out of Hartford) on Oct. 17 and when I saw that Sally Clarkson is one of the speakers I immediately thought of you! Are you planning to come to that conference then? Or is Sally doing another talk somewhere else? If you are going to be at the conference, let me know - i'll try to find you there :)


Irina said...

Fun!!! I'll try to find you guys to say hi :) Not to make you feel weird or anything :) But I really love your blog and admire your love for the Lord! I know there'll be thousands of women there, but at least I'll try to look for you.


Irina said...

Actually, I just thought about something :) With lots of women being there, it might be hard for me to find anyone there - even women from our group. But if you see me, please do say hi. I'll have a 3 months old baby with me - I'm sure there won't be a lot of women with babies there ;)

I'm so thrilled about the conference!