Thursday, October 08, 2009


I don't know what it is about getting ready for a trip but I always go into 5th gear (for those who never drove a stick shift car... that's going fast!). My mother had the same way of preparing for a trip, starting out slow and then going into frantic speed as the day of the actual travel closes in upon her. My daughter inherited the same gene.

Mom always said we had to leave the house perfect so we could arrive home to a house looking nice. I think Stephanie has her figured out, though (she always did). Mamaw wanted to make certain if anything happened to her on the trip, no one entering her house after she was gone would find anything that would embarrass her.

Although there is some logic here, I'm switching both beds to their flannel sheets. Lows are to be in the 30s in the near and long term forecast.

Of course, in this case... I'm not leaving the house empty! I should know better. However, I still feel an overwhelming need to have all the house clean, the laundry caught up, and numerous house projects in various states between start and finish.

Did I mention I have a cold? Have I yet whined about the chilly, rainy weather? Which is wonderful when one can stay inside and be lazy. Not so much fun when running errands or getting the deck tables in the shed or the remainder of the garden harvested and then thrown in a wheelbarrow and taken to the compost... all because of freeze warnings... which also meant prepping all those green and red peppers for the freezer. There was no way I was going to let them go to waste when the cost of pepper skyrockets in winter.

Lest you think I've completely lost my mind (although long time readers have figured that out already), while I'm gone Christopher is having a LAN party and I know one or more homeschool parents will be in the house. That means I have to clean the bathroom mirror.

I'm making my Amish pumpkin bread today... one to leave behind and one to take with me (recipe on the recipe blog). I'm also making shortbread for the grandchildren (something David can eat with his special diet).

Did I mention I have a cold?

However... tomorrow evening will find me at a Bed & Breakfast at Ohio's eastern border. I have packed three books to peruse: A Gladys Taber book (perfect for autumn), God's Secretaries... about the writing of the King James Bible, and a book arrived which a friend had ordered for me (arriving just in time yesterday). She ordered the book for herself and one for me. I love friends like that. Feed me or give me something to read and I'm happy.

So... I will be hitting publish on the book recommendation post this evening... hopefully... God willing and the creek don't rise (and with all the rain, that is a possibility). :)

Added: Thank you again for anyone who enters through my Amazon widget. It has been quiet during summer but it all adds up. If you are going to order, anyway, you don't have to pay any extra and bloggers receive a little credit. You don't even have to order anything on the widget, you only have to click on one of the books to take you to Amazon.

I forgot to enter Amazon through my blog friend's widget last time so I completely understand how one can forget. I know lots of homeschool moms use this credit to supplement their home library. I just feed my addiction. I accept chocolate and coffee, too. :)

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Jennie said...

We try to leave our house in good order when we leave also. 1. So we can arrive home to it looking nice. 2. We have my sister’s family come feed our dogs. 3. It is nice to not have the house a mess when we will be lugging in all the dirty laundry and have stuff to put away.

Most important to me are straitening up, vacuum, laundry, dishes, and bathrooms. My kids do not understand and think it is crazy but I still make them help. LOL

Sharon said...

Oh Brenda you just crack me up sometimes.~Sharon

Vee said...

Yes, well great minds do think alike and whether we want clean homes on our return or we just don't want anyone to see our messes... Ha!

I'm sorry that you have a cold and will pray that it is dispatched pronto. Have a wonderful trip.

jules said...

I'm the exact same way, for both reasons. I like coming home to a clean house, and what if...

Have a wonderful trip and please be safe going, and coming back.

Anonymous said...

I'm nosy and I want to know what book your friend sent you. Also, I think I will be going through withdrawal without your posts to read. I know! I'll read older ones I haven't read yet! I'll just have to pace myself so I don't run out before you get back. Have fun!

Friend Debra

Heather said...

We do the same thing - and it just about kills me everytime that we forget 'something' - like emptying the compost or a load in the washer - and we come home to suspicious smells or moldy washing!
I hope you cold improves and that the weather is nice for travel. It is damp and chilly here! I wish we could have gotten our act together - wouldn't it be fun to have to 'swing by' on your way through OH and meet face to face! Do enjoy your trip!

scrappy quilter said...

Have a wonderful trip filled with laughter and making memories. Hugs..

Packrat said...

You sound just like us!

Hope you feel better soon.