Monday, April 13, 2009

God's provision and grace

I was not looking forward to Saturday morning. I dropped Christopher off at his job and returned home to start the "last trip". Hubby made certain everything was out of the Dynasty and pulled out onto the county road with me driving the Buick behind him.

We traveled county roads and highways, through small towns and passing farms and ranches. I tuned the radio to K-Love and enjoyed music while keeping an eye on the car in front of me part of the time. Our destination was a junk yard, the only one in our part of the state that offered $150.00 for a car if it is driven to the yard.

Now, the way we came to be able to drive it was definitely one of those "God moments". I had planned to drive the Dynasty into town a couple of times but something stopped me. Each time I had this feeling that I really should stay home. My husband was driving it to the church small group we belong to when it literally fell apart, losing a spring.

A guy in a pickup truck was driving behind him who had mechanic's skills and had (just happened) to have the same thing happen to his truck recently. Hubby went home with him and then returned to the car where the guy inserted a piece of wood where the spring had been so it could be driven.

It seemed such an inconvenience at the time but looking back we realized it was a sign of God's compassion.

We did get an estimate but it would cost far more than the car was worth to fix it so... thanks to guy who helped my husband, we were on this Saturday morning journey. My husband drove into the junkyard and handed the title of the car to the man in the office, leaving with a check but first stopping by to pat the hood of the car... arriving back at the Buick with tears in his eyes.

I understood completely, that car had been with us a long time and well, men get attached to their cars. We decided to stop being sad and in honor of a car we paid $6,000 in cash for back in the 1990's, we'd use some of the money received to go out to lunch. We knew at one time there was a mom and pop diner-bakery in one of the towns we passed through so we drove by to see if it was still there... how good to know something was the same.

We enjoyed an excellent lunch without guilt, thanks to the small amount of money received for what they considered "junk" and we thought of as a once reliable but old family friend. We also talked about the miracle of the car breaking down during one of the few times my husband drove it recently... and that "just the right person" was behind him on a country road. God's "coincidences"...

We gave up one family friend but God gave us back another. Sasha had a mini stroke on Friday. Having gone through it with her sister, we now know what one looks like. We prayed, asking for more time with our beloved furball. The vet had told us Storm must have had a few of these little strokes and had recovered so we knew it was possible.

Friday evening she was not looking too good and had trouble walking. Saturday morning she jumped on our bed and meowed in my ear, telling me it was her Fancy Feast morning. She looked completely well. We had been given further time with her. We know at age eighteen, she's lived a long life but we'd like a little more time.

One goodbye... one prayer answered... one celebration of the Risen Christ Easter Sunday. All in God's will. :)


scrappy quilter said...

What a sweet post of God's provision and grace. It's always so neat to read these kids on posts. Such an encouragement.

Cheryl (Copper's Wife) said...

Saying good bye to a faithful vehicle is a hard thing, indeed. I'm so glad that your kitty is doing better. Pets can certainly wriggle their way into our hearts.

Anonymous said...

We are now pet less. Our pets were {and still in memory are} sure loved. All came as strays and left this life as old timers and a part of the family for sure. Nothing could replace any of them. I know someday we will likely fall in love with another stray or two but at this time that has not happened. The few strays that came along we have found homes with other families. It wasen't easy letting them go but we knew at this time we were not ready. We too have had family members that got about on four tires. Oh the beautiful memories! I pray you can find a very reasonably priced vehicle. God may already be preparing that for you too! Jody

Heather L. said...

I'm glad to hear that Sasha is doing better! i'm sorry you had to say goodbye to the car, but glad the Lord kept you safe and even allowed you to have some money for it!

Cynthia said...

I totally understand. My husband thought I was crazy when I cried when we turned in our minivan a couple of years ago. We had had that car since the kids were 2, they were 16 when we gave it up. We took it to Italy with us, it came back home with us. Our golden lived in it for 2 months when we were in temporary housing, she hated the kennel the Navy provided. This car was part of the family, we donated it when the repair estimate was $3000, and it still needed new brakes and tires. Ugh, I hate giving up things that have such a history.

We had to say goodbye to two of our beloved pets last spring, one was the 14 year old golden and the other a 17 year old cat. I am so glad God let you have more time with your kitty. It was really hard to lose both pets.

Vee said...

Such a touching post. You can tell your husband that I shed a tear for the loss of his car, too. I'm sappy that way.

God is good and He's been incredibly faithful. Sometimes we just have to hang on and trust.

Praying for sweet Sasha, too.

Marianna said...

Don't forget to notify the county of the change in ownership for the title! There was a news report locally regarding the fact that nearly 80% of sellers forget to do this and it can cause all sorts of problems down the road.

Glad to hear your kitty is better.