Monday, April 13, 2009

Scenes from Easter Sunday

Setting the table

Congratulations to the winner of the teapot and teacup. The name is in the previous post, just scroll down. I used one of those random generators to find the number.

We had a quiet Easter with a very early dinner served so Christopher could study most of the day on campus.

I love using "great grandmother's china" every Easter, just as my mother-in-law did when she hosted Easter dinners. I love this china, especially in Spring. The flowers are from my back yard.

It's funny to me what a beautifully set table will do to make a Holiday special. My son had so much studying to do that he originally said he would have to eat leftovers in the evening instead of staying home for an Easter "dinner" (really a lunch).

I set the table with Great Grandmother's china and placed the platters and other serving dishes where they would be located. He changed his mind and studied in his room until dinner and then drove to campus for a quiet study room. (Oh, for the days when Spring break was still during Easter week.)

Tradition is lovely and when it involves food and a pretty table... even a young man will change his plans. The Easter bunny almost forgot to give him his basket. Yes, we do the "Easter bunny thing".

I'm so much like Miss Potter, I talk to inanimate objects and animals... the family has considered counseling but they figure it's harmless... or so they hope.

Although I saw a great quote on a church this week, "The Easter Bunny did not raise from the dead". Which put everything in balance. :)


scrappy quilter said...

What a beautiful setting. It's so nice to see.

cheri said...

Beautiful table! I, too, had fun setting the table for Easter dinner, even though none of the kids would be home. Mom and Dad appreciated it.

We saw a cute sign on a local church last night:
"Come early to get a good back seat."

Heather L. said...

Your Easter china is so beautiful. And so are your daffies! I'm glad you had a special day.

nannykim said...

Just stopping by for a visit. Looks like you had some strange times with Christopher!

Sue said...

Your table looks beautiful and I can almost smell your daffodils!

Thanks for the quote. It DOES put things in very proper perspective!

Rita said...

I talk to animals too and always have. One day my teenage daughter at the time said don't you know those people are looking at you because you are talking to the animals. Didn't bother me at all for the most part animals are much nicer to me than people. =)

Tracy said...

Your table is beautiful. Daffodills are one of my favorite flowers!