Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A different kind of tea party

I went to a tea party today. Not one with pretty china and dainty sandwiches. Unlike the original Boston tea party, the participants did not dress up like Indians (aka: native Americans). Also unlike that tea party, this was not about taxation without representation.

This tea party was outside and it was cold, really cold. So cold we could only stay an hour and hubby decided to turn the heat in the car on high to defrost us. (This is April???)

Twenty years ago I would most likely have been on the board to put together such a party. We worked a lot in politics and other organizations (as in Concerned Women For America). My son still calls me "Miss American Revolution" because of my respect for those who came before us (many of the history books on my living room shelves are about this time period).

When we were young, we used to say we were in the "most likely to be martyred" group as we were both outspoken for our faith and conservative beliefs. A chronic illness and some of life's hard knocks have left me too tired to do anything but support others, it is their turn to speak Truth.

I wondered how many would show up at our county seat. When we had to park a few blocks away, I knew there were quite a few. Then when we found ourselves walking on sidewalks with dozens and dozens of people going in the same direction, I knew there would be many. There were many... a large crowd of people that kept growing despite the cold winds.

This tea party was covered by a number of media. Cameras were everywhere. A helicopter was hovering over the crowd. I teased my husband on the way home (only half joking after that Homeland Security Report was leaked this morning) that some of the photos were to keep faces on record by the government. :)

It was about far more than taxes for us, or even government spending. Although the amount of foolish spending (especially when they don't READ what they are voting on) is beyond belief. No, for me it was standing in the cold wind and looking out, realizing this is what we saw possible twenty years ago... this is where it could lead.

I'm glad we went, if nothing else to be reminded we are not alone. There are many others who are uncertain where this country is heading.

Sigh... I think I'll re-read Atlas Shrugged soon, very soon.


Packrat said...

Hi - I'm new to your blog. Thank you for going to the tea party. I don't think there was one in our little town. If there was, I didn't find a thing mentioning it. I should have made some phone calls. Shoulda, woulda, coulda. Lame excuse.

Beautiful blog.

Carol said...

I'm a lurker...but love your blog and just wanted to say "thank you" for going to a tea party. My daughter and I did the same today. We must keep speaking up and showing up or we will have no country and no freedom's. Good for you!

Kimberly said...

The boys and I went to the party at our Capitol downtown. We had to park a couple of miles away. There were over 5,000 people based on the official count. It was great and everyone was so friendly!

Kimberly said...

Of course, I brought my own thermos of hot tea....

Kelly said...

We were supposed to go to a TEA party this evening. However, as far as I know there wasn't one in our little town. The one we were to go to was in a city about a half hour away. We are leary of this city because of the violence that is reported on the news quite often that takes place in this city. Also it was damp and rainy here. I do hope they do make a difference.

Gumbo Lily said...

I went to a tea party in a nearby small town where I shop. It was well-attended and cold and drizzly, but we were there.


Beginner said...

"Atlas Shrugged" is my all time favorite book. I read it over forty years ago and have never forgotten the points Ayn Rand was trying to get across to the reader. I was fortunate enough to procure a 35th anniversary edition of the book while I was still working. Like you, I think it is a good time for a reread.

My tea party consisted of mailing two tea-tags from two teabags to the White House. I didn't want my message to be thrown away, so I didn't mail the entire teabags, just the tags on the opposite end from the bag.

Anonymous said...

From what the news channels reported it seems our Speaker of the House did not think much of the tea parties ..or even understand what they stood for. Neither did the Presidents press secretary when asked. That was early yesterday. They are in their isolated bubbles it seems...oblivious of what is actually going on in people's lives. Today a reporter on CNN is shown on tape in the crowd having little knowledge...and definately no concern or respect either. Sad. Some stations did not even do a report on it at all. Newspaper either. We can just keep on plugging away and doing what We know is right and pray for our country and the world and its leaders. I even heard many joke of a dirty nature were made about this protest! When are they going to wake up? This is not something to be laughed at and pushed aside and told you are some kind of a nut if you do not go for everything Washington is doing to us. The protestors were civil and lawful. They want our respect...then respect needs to be earned on both sides. Jody