Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Peeking out from under the covers

I'm pretty certain what is ailing me is a combination of sinus troubles caused by weather changes and some kind of "bug". Christopher has also been quite ill with the same symptoms and his dad has been fine. Which usually means the root of our ills is sinus related instead of allergies. If you got all that.

Yesterday I drove Christopher to classes then came home and went back for him at lunchtime. We had lunch at a fast food place and I waited for him to finish his afternoon class before driving back home. He was taking Bendadryl every four hours and since he doesn't take it each night like I do (it is on my "official" list of daily meds), he gets very sleepy when he takes it so he was concerned about driving. Hopefully we will both get through this malady and be just fine soon.

He's beginning to recover his strength and is excited about working out again. Although he played full court basketball with friends over the weekend and his body told him he was crazy by the next morning. One doesn't go from "no working out" to playing basketball for over an hour. Now he knows that. He struggled to catch up with all of his classes but ended up only having to drop one of the five. Unfortunately, that was one he'd really been looking forward to (having had that professor before) but it meets only once a week so he'd fallen way to behind to catch up.

I stopped by the Goodwill close to my grocery store on my morning trip home and found two very pretty teacups. One is the same pattern I've been collecting for my grandchildren (the FTD pattern that has little pink rosebuds on it, it's sturdy and smaller... good for little hands). The teacup is pictured on Stephanie's blog (Cottage Thoughts on the sidebar), scroll down until you see the cutest little girl sipping her tea. The other teacup I bought has a rose pattern that looks almost the same as the one on my favorite teapot. I enjoy finding pretty things for a couple of dollars. There were other pretty teacups this time but those were the two that said "take me home". I'll take pictures when I'm no longer at this computer. :)

Since I've had such a headache and sinus pressure, I haven't felt like any serious reading so I've been perusing magazines. I just love seeing what other creative people have done and trying the same thing at home with what I have (or keep on the lookout at thrift stores). I've also been perusing cooking magazines I'd put back for such a time... that's where I found the wonderful cheesecake recipe I just posted on my recipe blog. I'm going to watch for the next big sale on cream cheese and stock up just for that recipe!

My husband is leaving for the Chicago area again (sigh... will it ever end?) so I'll have plenty of time to read and perhaps watch a couple DVDs. Very soon the yard will be demanding attention so I'd better enjoy the "downtime" instead of complaining about not feeling well. I don't want to spend forty years in the wilderness due to muttering and complaining... :)

I have another Recession post planned, hopefully typed out and posted tomorrow. It's the second part about what we learned the first time we went through a year's unemployment (actually more than a year).

Now... it's still early enough in the day to make some more coffee and enjoy an early afternoon cup. I'll say the caffeine is good for my stuffed head... that sounds as good as anything (just the way chocolate is good for me, right?). What was that? Someone said moderation? I don't think I heard it...

By the way, thank you Rosanne for the magazines, Carol for the coupons, and my dear Kimberly for the much needed encouragement. I just love all you people.


Nancy said...

Do you find saucers with the tea cups? I see lots of cups, but rarely the saucers that match.

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

Brenda, I am so sorry you are sick too. I have the same sinus and migraine issues. I sure don't need to be missing more work, but I felt so bad this morning I just couldn't drag myself out of the bed. I'm sorry Christopher has had to drop his class, but he's a smart young man and I know he'll make it up. Get some rest and I'll make myself a cup of tea or coffee.

scrappy quilter said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. Hugs and prayers...

Tracy said...

Hope you feel better soon, Brenda!

Susan B said...

I'm sorry that you have been feeling sick. Hope that you are soon doing better.

Carol said...

Hi Brenda:

If you like Seventh Generation cleaning products, below is a link for a coupon.

Hope you feel better soon.

from MD

Vee said...

Christopher played basketball already? Wow. That's impressive. Hope that he takes it just a titch more slowly as he continues to recover. That's always the way, though, we feel better so we go kinda crazy.

Speaking of which, I hope that you continue to take it easy until you're feeling better. Hope that warm, spring weather is there, too.

I had a dream about a teacup that I could use in my jelly bean jar. In the morning, I found that I did have such a cup (from my mother's childhood tea set). Unfortunately, it has a large chip out of it so I didn't use it after all. Now I'm thinking of shopping for a wee teacup to use as I love using teacups as scoops.

Cheryl (Copper's Wife) said...

I hope you're feeling much, much better soon. Glad to hear that Christopher is recovering so nicely, but perhaps this little bug will slow him back down to more reasonable post-surgery activity.