Thursday, March 26, 2009

Not back to normal, yet

I can just hear a comment from the general vicinity of New England, asking if I was ever normal. Well, I think I was before the baby came along. Yes... the same one that will turn twenty this fall.

Anyhoo, it isn't that I'm horribly ill as if it was associated with the diabetes. Even before developing a chronic illness, I had challenges with headaches, dizziness, and nausea this time of year but now it increases the fatigue. As long as I take life easier and nap once in awhile, it is do-able.

I was going to make a Texas Sheet Cake and a cherry coffee cake to send with my husband but only felt like making the coffee cake. I used Anna's recipe for the schoolhouse coffee cake, tweaking it just a little (Pleasant View Schoolhouse on the sidebar). It is one of the recipes I've printed out and taped to the inside of my kitchen cabinets. I make it the same but add almond extract when I use cherries and I drizzle it with a thick confectioners sugar glaze when cool. I know his brother and sister will appreciate it.

Speaking of recipes I have taped on the inside of kitchen cabinets, my cell phone rang this morning and a very sweet voice asked me, "Do the cookies take three or four eggs"? Huh? It took me just a moment to realize it was my oldest granddaughter asking while her mommy made the cookies.

Stephanie called me back, telling me she had let someone have her copy she'd taped on the inside of her kitchen cabinet and hadn't gotten around to printing out another one. We both love our cowboy cookie recipe. It feeds a lot of people.

Have you ever found yourself saying something so funny that it causes you to laugh at yourself? A couple days ago, Christopher and I were talking about some of the TV shows we have watched and the subject of Star Trek Enterprise came up. We had enjoyed it the first season but thought it terrible after a new writer came in.

I remarked to him that everyone would know a Vulcan woman wouldn't fall in love with a man like Trip. Then I had to stop and remember.... umm, Brenda, they are not real. It is a series of TV shows. Why would everyone know what a Vulcan would do. I got a good laugh out of what I said, as did Christopher. Sheesh...

In this crazy, mixed up, world in which we live... laughing at yourself comes in handy. I heard someone make a remark on the news recently that I thought says it all... "Alice, I think we've already fallen through the looking glass". Of course, for most of us that means there has to be a tea party somewhere.


scrappy quilter said...

I totally agree, we need to laugh more. My hubby is the clown here, along with 2 of the kids (now adults). They are always laughing and joking...makes for a very interesting life.

Sue said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. Hopefully you will soon be back to 100%!

I agree with your statement of being normal until the baby came along. I sure can relate to that! LOL

That coffee cake sounds DELISH! I need to do some baking, too...

God bless!

Marge said...

Brenda, I couldn't find the recipe for the schoolhouse coffee cake. Could you point me in the right direction? I would like to try it. Thanks!

Arden said...

Being able to laugh really does help. I found myself laughing with the baby (up most of the night with a nasty cold) at about 3 am. He has learned to make different noises with his mouth and he thinks he is very funny - so does mama even in the middle of the night.

Heather said...

We really do just have to laugh at ourselves ... it is healthy too! It's good to be silly mama's and giggle away once in a while! I'm glad your health is improving - we've had a long go about with sickness too - I've been the worst! Chronic illness seems to be really taking it's tole on my immune system ... so I've been enjoying lots of at home days and multiple cups of tea! I'm just going to make a batch of scones ... maybe someone will drop in for tea! After lunch we're headed to our favorite place - the library!
Have a lovely day,