Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Tea

Well, I have almost completely recovered my pondering. There is a little still missing... my head is rather fuzzy. It is, however, amazing what a sunny 50 degree day will do to one's sense of well being.

Having lost my pondering, I wasn't certain what to chat about during "tea" today until my husband made a statement yesterday morning. He said he wished he had my ability to read quickly as well as deeply... responding to the many financial e-newsletters I receive. (I personally value the gift even more when perusing cooking and decorating blogs.)

I had just recently been reading about God giving us gifts as well as not being jealous of the gifts He gives others. I have always been able to read quickly and with comprehension, write fairly well, discern people, and have strong administrative skills.

These were all put to use in the work force and as a homeschooling Mom... and now as a blogger. I should mention being able to type over 90 wpm helps a lot, too.

On the other hand, my husband's gifts are his analytical mind, the ability to cut through miles of paperwork, his ability to communicate with people on the phone, how he can fix many things that are broken or learn how to, and the fact he is practically fearless (all of which helped him in wartime)... and he wants my gifts?

So often we fail to appreciate our own gifts, especially if they are "behind the scenes". That's why I think we'll see plenty of grandmas and grandpas with jewels in their crowns come Eternity due to all the praying for and support given their family and friends.

I have known people through the years with a variety of gifts... those who can sing (I can't), the musically inclined who write lyrics that inspire and make me think, certain friends like Sally Clarkson (and her daughter and hubby) who write great books, and friends whose gardens I find... amazing.

I admire Ravi Zacharias and Francis Schaeffer, mothers of large families (God gave me two kids twelve years apart for a reason), people who can "do math", and nurses who calmed my fears in intensive care.

I love to hear fabulous preaching... like Chuck Swindoll and Charles Stanley, read great literature, lose myself in the words of Tolkien and Lewis, find inspiration from John Piper or Elizabeth George, watch the old Julia Child shows and marvel at how easy she makes French cooking look, and wonder what kind of a mind designs mp3 players.

Being a pastry chef wannabe, I find delight in beautifully decorated cakes and designer cookies as well as how Jacques Pepin can take the same ingredients I have in my refrigerator and come up with a five-star meal. Genius...

The point is that God has given all of us gifts. We may not realize just what it is that makes us special... but each one of us is gifted in our own way.

Each one of us brings something to the party and together... we are complete.


Lallee said...

I had this same discussion this week. All you say is so very true. It can be such a temptation to lose appreciation for the gifts we have while looking at the gifts in others. I'm glad put those verses in the Bible about the different parts all equally needed so we won't forget.

While I was having tea with you this afternoon, I sent hubby on Amazon via your sight to order a new iron to replace my broken one. Thank you for the tea chat.

scrappy quilter said...

I totally agree. So many people though don't know what their gifts are which is truly sad. I so enjoy these tea chats.

Vee said...

Intriguing post...I'll definitely need to think on this as I don't think about giftings very often and I really should. It's important to be able to encourage one another in that way.

Gayle@Mountain Moma said...

Oh I love this! I hope you don't mind if I read it at my Bible study this week, it is on envy and this so applies and you said it so well. This is my first time visiting your site, I'll have to stop by again. Blessings.