Friday, January 16, 2009

This and that...

Our actual temperature was -18 this morning! We do get quite cold during the winter but these are temperatures I'd rather you all in the far Northern areas of the country keep to yourselves. We appreciate your gift... uh, no we don't. As for you Canadians, I can now feel your pain (and you get even colder!).

I let hot water run in the back bathroom, let the hot water run while doing dishes twice, and did a load of hot water whites in the garage. Hubby said he didn't know if it would help the pipes but he certainly thought it couldn't hurt them.

Christopher's tests are scheduled for Monday morning. We're still praying! We've been warned already that the tests will be expensive (and Christopher and I have no insurance) but hey, we also know a priority when we see it. Even if the Buick has to stay parked at the transmission shop, he is getting tests and treatment.

He found out yesterday that he was one of the students receiving an award for outstanding achievement. He will represent the college at various events and he received a scholarship that can be used for summer classes, before transferring to the University. I know things like this are important to him. His sister was a Dean Scholar at the University. Now he has an honor. There is no competition from the younger with an older sibling, no... never. :)

I had a few people give me awards. I LOVE getting them, even if I don't actually post them on the side bar, anymore. However, I haven't had time to acknowledge them on your individual blogs. I hope to do so soon. It doesn't mean I didn't enjoy receiving them.

Just like my Christmas thank you notes, I was not feeling well enough until early this week to send them out. My e-mails are still backed up.

However, my house is getting back to order for the first time since autumn, when I had that bout with serious diabetes symptoms that sent me to the sofa for awhile. Then there were the three minor illnesses over the Holidays... not to mention all the disorganization (but fun) the Holidays bring. Yes, it was a very good thing I didn't try to work these two weeks.

I know I've received questions to answer but I remember only one at the moment. A reader asked about the naming of Texas Sheet Cake... why we call them Tulip Time Brownies. We lived in Holland, Michigan for almost nine years. This was the recipe they used for the brownies they served to tourists at the various temporary tea and coffee areas that were set up during their annual Tulip Time festival. I later found out it was actually a Texas Sheet Cake recipe.

Whatever the name... it is a favorite of a lot of people around here. I have the recipe on my recipe blog but the Pioneer Woman has a recipe and PICTURES. Mine is almost like hers, I use less butter in the icing and I don't add nuts to the recipe.

I hope to be back later today with a post having to do with some ponderings. :)


Mrs. Rabe said...

I am heading over to the Pioneer Woman's blog right now to check out the recipe!

We love brownies!

freetobeme - Anita said...

Congratulations to Christopher on his achievements! I'll be praying for him on Monday.

Heather L. said...

Yes, the weather really is cold!!! The kind that freezes the inside of your nose immediately! My mom just found us some sleds, but I think we'll need to wait a few days.

Congratulations to Christopher on the award! I hope the medical tests, etc. go smoothly.

Well, it's a tea day for sure! I'm enjoying reading North & south. Such a good book, despite having seen the movie first.

scrappy quilter said...

Congrats on Christopher receiving the award. Praying the medical tests all go okay.