Thursday, January 15, 2009

How cold is it?

It is so cold that the TOWN schools closed today. I've known them to go with only a two hour delay in near blizzard conditions. Most of the schools are to be closed tomorrow, too. Just too cold for the kiddies who have to walk to school or wait for the buses to arrive.

As for me and my house, I made certain I had a hot chicken casserole and green beans waiting for the guys when they arrived home tonight. It's -10... real temperature... right now... with a -30 wind chill.

Problem is, looks are deceptive. I looked outside today at the sunshine on the snow and it didn't look all that cold. So I didn't wear gloves when I walked out to get my mail this afternoon. I won't make that mistake again tomorrow.

My heart goes out to the plane crash victims and their families. Last I heard, none of the injuries were life threatening. For much of our married life, my husband was a frequent flyer business traveler. He was in the air on 9/11 on the shuttle from Detroit to Chicago. There were seasons during his career that he flew more than he drove!!

Fox news was talking about a man who had been pulled out of the water, sitting with a blanket around him, reading a paper. Except for the fact my husband hates being cold, that would have been him. Just another airplane delay...

Opposites definitely attract... I hate flying. The last time we flew anywhere was to New England. Most of the way there I was mumbling to myself... "It is worth it to see my grandchildren, it is worth it to see my grandchildren". We landed in Hartford in what I can only describe as... EXTREME TURBULENCE! Excuse my shouting...

Later found out they had gale force winds at that time. I could have told them that.

Next week we are to return to the 30s for daytime highs. I'll probably get the spring coat out...


Peggy. said...

Try to stay warm. It's cold here too...not that cold but cold.
It's amazing what we will do for our grandkids.

Shana said...

I know. This cold is unbelievable. Good news though - only a little over 2 months until the official start of spring. :)

Carolyn said...

This cold snap is amazing. Up here (in Canada) it's -30 this morning. I just hate to go outside. I have this huge green down coat that I wear on days like this and my kids call me the 'pickle lady'.

Amanda said...

We had -30 during the overnights for the past few nights. That is without the windchill!

Freezing pipes and keeping the coffee hot are the two activities that have taken up much of my time (other than the full time job!). By the end of the day today we should be to about 5 degrees above zero!

(This morning it was colder in Northern Wisconsin & Minnesota than it was in Antarctica!)

How's that for hardy folks!