Sunday, August 10, 2008

Popping in to say hello

I know, you were expecting a Sunday Afternoon Tea? Well, it is coming but on Monday. :)

Today is our actual anniversary and for a treat, I brought home our favorite salads from the grocery store. We'd already eaten out breakfast on Friday morning but this was inexpensive and kept me from having to make lunch. My husband's army buddy is going to stop by this evening even though hubby can't go with him to their Viet Nam reunion with other men they served with. Since I'm not certain if he will have time to stay for dinner, I have a stew in the oven which will serve for our dinner tomorrow evening, too.

Since the decision to make this meal came at the last minute, I had to stop for stew meat at the grocery store (and NOT on sale.... yikes!). I usually cut up my own but I needed something very quick today. I also bought a nice London broil on sale for later, though. When I arrived home (and after assembling the stew and getting it in the oven), I cut the London broil into three sections and then sliced each of them for stir fry meals later. That way I'm getting three meals from one rather expensive piece of meat. Everything is so expensive these days, even on sale. I would have normally cut this into two pieces but it is now going to stretch for the THREE meals! All three of those Zip Lock bags are now in the freezer to be used later.

I stopped by Goodwill this afternoon on the way home, something I rarely do on Sunday. They had the most beautiful 2 cup teapot and matching creamer & sugar bowl in the glass display where they keep nicer items. It was such a reasonable enough price that it came home with me. I did some research online and I believe it is Sheltonian of Staffordshire's Purple Pansy design. Very nice and at a Goodwill price! Happy anniversary to me!!

The phone ring around 1:00 this morning and it was Christopher who was in the midst of an allergy attack. He needed to know my recommendation as he had just taken two allergy pills. I had a hard time understanding him. When I asked if he had eaten anything (as sometimes he forgets to eat and that doesn't help the situation), he kept saying something like ooochi. Finally, his friend that was with him got on the phone and said he was trying to say sushi!

As we talked, his air passages began to open so I told his friend to help him back to the hotel room (they had been up late for the last night of the convention) because he would be quite weak after such an attack and after taking two allergy pills. Also, in case he needed it there was an inhaler in his luggage. They were to only call back if he didn't get well and I'm taking his silence as a good thing. :)

All he needed was to hear my voice and have that assurance that we've gone down this road many times before and he would be fine. I was thinking of that this morning and how God does the same thing for us when we are going through difficult times. He keeps us looking at the path in front of us and reminds us He has been there with us before and He will take us through again. The mothering side of God. :)

Now I need to do a quick decluttering of the dining table (my worst "hot spot" for stacking things). Otherwise, the house is fine for company. I'll put some of the brownies baked yesterday on a plate for our guest. Even if he doesn't want to stay long enough for stew, I'm sure he'll enjoy dessert and decaf.

As for me, I don't know when I'll get to sleep tonight. Christopher doesn't know when they will be able to leave since his friend he's riding with is on the Board for this organization and has to help with clean up. I'll be glad when we have a regular schedule again but that may not be for a few weeks. My work at the bookstore is coming up in a week! Ahhhh, September... hopefully cooler and back to a schedule.

Note: The name of the picture from yesterday is Family Circle by Lee Stroncek.


Linda said...

Happy Anniversary Brenda!
I hope you have a lovely day.
My husband served in Viet Nam too. No reunions though. It was a difficult time.
I'll post more pictures of the house later in the week; I took lots!
Are you going to the Beth Moore event this month?

Rita said...

It worked out so well that you could fix stew and have it ready for your husbands friend to enjoy with you all. Your plans remind me of things I can do too. I'm glad you could talk to your son and calm him and talking to him helped to calm you. I like the analogy to God taking care of us like you took care of your son. That is just how it is with our children no matter how old they are we will be there for them. Thanks for sharing.

DebD said...

I hope Christopher is feeling better tonight. I only live about 45 min. from Balti. and woke up this morning with a terrible allergy headache. In fact, its still annoying me at 9PM at night! Anyway, all that to say that there must be something blooming out there that perhaps Christopher is allergic to as well.

Anonymous said...

If you come across where this print can be bought, can you post about it? I just checked, ebay, and a few lesser known art sites and I can't find it.

freetobeme - Anita said...

Happy Anniversary! What would our sons do without us! :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Brenda,

So much has gone on today, hasn't it?

First let me say Happy Anniversay! They are so fun but also a time to think back and remember that the man that the Lord chose for us is exactly the one we need.

I am sorry that Christopher experienced such a strong attack of allergies during his time away. As a mother, I also worry that one of the boys will remember what makes them sick when I am not there to remind them.

Just enjoy your day, and remember that the Lord is watching and keeping Christopher safe.



Abounding Treasures said...

Happy Anniversary Brenda to you and your dear husband :o)


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Hope that all went very well with your anniversary dinner and your company.

Ackkk about Christopher's call...that must be something that you just rise to, but it must, nevertheless, be stressful. Glad that you heard no further news.

I'll be checking in tomorrow for "Monday's Message"!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! I like reading your blog. You have a nice style of writing - like I'm right there chatting with you. I have a question and I hope you're not offended by it - I've just been wondering - aren't your guys allergic to your cat?