Saturday, August 09, 2008

Saturday evening reflections

I was able to get so much done today, just a few minutes at a time. My housework was so far behind but today a lot of lines were crossed off the long "To Do" list. Once again, by working just a little at a time.

Don't you love the picture above? Raewyn had a lovely post this morning and I told her I was going to use this picture today because it reminded me so much of her post. I don't have a title for it but somewhere in my files, I do have the Christmas card I sent out with this identical picture on the front. I'll look for it and give a title as soon as possible. This particular box of Christmas cards was on the pricey side so it was only sent to the closest of friends and family that year. (I send out very few Christmas cards now, mainly to far away family.) Isn't it a beautiful scene of hearth and home? I have a chair exactly like the one Mom is sitting in. :)

Christopher continues to have a good time in Baltimore. He sounded tired when I talked to him today so I'm hoping he (finally) gets some rest tonight. Even eighteen year olds need to sleep once in awhile. My phone rang rather early this morning and it was Stephanie on the other side. She had to let me get a cup of coffee before I was lucid enough to answer questions. There must have been a barn fire or something close by because we were awakened by many fire engines going by around 4:00 am. I had a hard time getting back to sleep... thus the need for coffee.

She was asking for the name of Christopher's hotel and how to contact him there since they were arriving earlier than he expected. I haven't heard how their lunch went, yet. When she called again, her family was at the Vietnam Memorial and she wanted to talk to her Dad, the Vietnam Vet. He was actually suppose to get together with war buddies at the Memorial this week but he didn't feel well and didn't want to spend the money. He said Steph and family had been to the Lincoln Memorial, too. These stops were all on their way to meet in-laws at a cottage by the ocean.

As for me, I've almost caught up on laundry... not as exciting as travel but it does give one a satisfaction to keep working through fatigue. The front porch was swept and the garden area by the porch has now been weeded. One of my much needed projects was attended to this morning when I cleared out two kitchen drawers and the area where I keep all my baking sheets. They are all nice and organized again. I made a batch of brownies and the lunch and baking dishes are soaking, to be washed as soon as I finish here. Overall... a good day.

Since I didn't have to drive Christopher in to work, I was able to watch one of my favorite cooking shows, Jamie's Cooking at Home on The Food Channel. For one thing, I love to watch it for the English countryside. I want that house in the country. But he also has great ways of cooking and I usually learn something. It comes on when I'm usually on the road into town each Saturday.

All I have left to do today is to wash that small amount of dishes and fold some laundry. I may make BLT sandwiches for dinner since there are tomatoes that must be used soon... just something simple as neither of us are very hungry today.

We've had a wee touch of autumn in the air for a couple of days. I know we will soon return to heat and humidity but it has been so good to have cooler air. Yesterday I was able to sweep the deck (not a small chore). Outside work is much easier when it is cool. I am always ready for autumn by this time in August and the very thought of cool, brisk air, simmering stews, baking bread, and the colors associated with the season have me excited that they won't be too far away.


Anonymous said...

< I'll look for it and give a title as soon as possible. >

Good, I was going to ask. :)

If you miss shows on t.v., can you record them? We finally have cable, and it came with a dvr. VERY cool. :)

Raewyn said...

Oh, are too kind! I was so delighted to get your comment. :)

It sounds like a very good day indeed. Yum, brownies!

Hm...English countryside? Cooking too? I'll have to try and catch that show next Saturday.

What a lovely picture! I think that what everyone with a family hopes for...such a moment of love surrounded by your dear ones and sheltered within your home.

Thanks Brenda!

Still keeping Christopher in my prayers.


Anonymous said...

Yes, someday we'll have those perfect bodies! You have really earned your rest today.

I love that picture, too! So warm and cozy.

I really miss baking, in the summer. I cannot do anything that will heat up the house, as P does not tolerate the heat well. When my granddaughter comes over I sometimes slide one pan of gingersnaps into the oven for her. I make the cookie dough up into balls and freeze them quickly and then store them in a zip-loc bag. I think I learned that from you? I used to make all the cookies and freeze them but then P and I would end up eating them. This way is much more diet-friendly.

I hope your poor feet aren't aching. Which Miss Marple story are you going to read first?

Happy @ Home said...

I love your picture. It looks so cozy.

I am ready for the cooler temperatures of autumn too.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


freetobeme - Anita said...

What a lovely picture! I'm keeping Christopher in my prayers.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...
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Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Brenda, it's always pleasant to read about homemaking and your life. (Perhaps I've read one too many Rosamunde Pilcher books, but I do love a gentle story.) It's been good to catch up with you. I don't know about this "working through fatigue" business just because I hope that you might find a way to get some quality rest and actually feel refreshed.

Hope that the kids have a wonderful time together in Baltimore!

(It's too early and I can't spell. I, too, need some away bedroom is at the front of my parents' home and the traffic is incessant.)