Monday, August 11, 2008

A Monday evening tea?

I have the "Sunday Afternoon Tea" post half written and I'll post it later today.

Christopher called about 1:30 am to let me know he was about forty minutes out on the Interstate. Since I drive a little (little?) slow in the dark, I headed to the nearby town where I was to meet them again... in the Denny's parking lot. He and his friend arrived only minutes later. Yawn. Josh still had a four hour drive ahead of him so he was going to stop at an all night gas station for a couple of powerful energy drinks.

Our guest stayed the night and the two Vets still had a lot to talk about so they went to breakfast together this morning. They hardly noticed when I said I was leaving to pick up our son early this morning.

It is good to have all of us here again, even Sasha was going around the house looking for "her boy". I was concerned about his allergies but he was fine the next day. He doesn't know what the culprit was but he had eaten octopus earlier in the evening... raw. Sheesh! I don't know that he has seafood allergies but there is a first time for everything. Raw octopus? He said it was dead but otherwise in its' original form as they served it to him on rice.

Oh, about the question if we are allergic to cats? Thankfully, the answer is no. Both the guys were tested for cat allergies (for obvious reasons). However, my son-in-law has developed a cat allergy and cannot enter our house again without being seriously drugged. That's what happens when one enters their thirties, you know. Just a slight cat allergy that caused him to sneeze (and they actually owned a cat when they were first married!) and then... age thirty... and well, serious full-blown cat allergy.

I can't say anything as I had to have an emergency gall bladder surgery just weeks before turning thirty. The doctor in the emergency room at the time looked at me and said I was suppose to be "fat and forty" to have such a bad attack. It's genetic, most of my seven (half) brothers and sisters had to have the surgery. Hmmm... how did we go down that road? Oh yes, turning thirty. Which reminds me, did anyone else watch the TV show Thirtysomething? I found it fascinating at the time, especially since I am now a recovering Yuppie but I was still a practicing one at the time.

Let's see, other questions. I haven't had a chance to answer e-mails but I should get to it soon. The house looks good, the laundry is caught up (except what Christopher brought home), stew is ready for dinner... so I may get to answer some e-mails soon. Love the idea of seeing Beth Moore but not the expense or the airplane trip to go. I'll have to settle for Wednesdays With Beth on TV. As for the Miss Marple Mystery I plan to read soon... probably The Mirror Crack'd since it is the first of the five stories in the book I own. Can't think of any more questions off hand but then again, I need another cup of coffee.

Remember the Goodwill find yesterday? I did a little research online and found out I now own the Royal Patrician Pansy two cup teapot and the matching sugar bowl & creamer. I paid $12.95 for them (which is more than I usually pay for anything at Goodwill) and I found out they are worth almost $100.00. Nice... I wasn't sure how to explain the expenditure to my hubby but when I explained their worth, even he was happy with it. They now have a lovely place of honor in my corner china cabinet. :)

Christopher is unpacking the swords he bought and wants our attention before he has to go into work this afternoon. I just told my husband we'd better be very nice to him. He had saved his money especially to purchase a few swords and with his usual shopping skills, decided to purchase all but one on the last night of the convention when sellers were willing to "discuss" prices. Sometimes it pays to have been raised in a seriously frugal (by necessity) home.

The weather is perfect today so I may spend some time on my porch, just rocking and enjoying the nice temperatures. See you later!


Manuela said...

Good deal on the teapot set! Do take a picture when you get a chance.

You're braver than me! I never drive when it's dark. I really can't see a thing!

I used to love Thirtysomethng! I'm surprised that it's not in reruns on some channel.


flmom said...

The tea set sounds lovely - great find! I've passed along an award to you on my blog ... stop by when you have a chance.

Sharon said...

Hi Brenda...just stopping by to say hi and to tell you how much I still love your blog.I read you far more often than I actually comment.I love haring about all your good deals and ideas for deepening one's pantry...Sharon