Saturday, August 30, 2008

Okay, maybe I will get excited about this election

I'm a former political junkie, Concerned Women For America volunteer, precinct worker for the Republican Party, and a woman who had her small girl going door to door (with her, of course) handing out political propaganda in Michigan.

I have been known to bring my family together to stuff thousands of envelopes to drag down to the Post Office in Iowa as an election loomed alarmingly near.

Yet, I was thinking of not voting this year. Yes, moi'... not vote. And then... he did it.

Oh, I'm sure the powers that be knew that adding this name as Vice President may make pro-life feminists stand up and applaud and more than that... wake up conservatives. Huh? What? Election, this year? Not interested in either candidate. Snooze...

Who? WHO did you say he picked?

I may have to brush the dust off my political Reeboks and hand out some fliers.

Wife, mother of five, former Fellowship of Christian Athletes basketball star, moose hunter, conservative politician. Oh, and a mom who decided to give birth to her baby recently in spite of the fact tests said he was Downs Syndrome... in an age when it is estimated between 80 and 90% of those babies are aborted.

Could she function as a President if needed? Hey, she's a mother if FIVE children who works outside the home. Need I say more.

I will add one thing about any candidate... they are human and many tend to disappoint us with unmet expectations. There are two reasons... no three... I no longer am involved directly with politics and social issues. The first and most important came in the late 1990s as I began to develop severe fatigue issues and then was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. As a homeschool Mom, I decided my priority with any energy level was my home and our schoolwork so my time and effort went to home and "school".

But also there were so many times I was disappointed that the person I hoped would bring great changes didn't deliver on their promises. Now I realize that no one but Jesus Himself can truly save this Planet but in the meantime... I'm excited about the possibilities of regular old human beings who are led to get involved in doing what they can.

Of course, as an evangelical Christian, I tend to vote on the side of the Elephant but I have often split my ticket when a person of the Donkey persuasion has been doing a great job... as I did with an exceptionally good mayor when we lived in our former house.

Hmmm... a moose hunter. We could use one of these in higher office. :)


Becky K. said...

Oh, I am so glad that you have decided to place your vote!

I hope that everyone understands that in not voting they are giving their vote away. The issue of the Supreme Court is just too important to let go...

I, too, would have chosen another candidate on the Republican ticket.
However, I was very pleased with Senator McCain's appearance at Saddleback and I love his choice in VP Candidate!

Let's pray for the future of our very dear Country. It hangs in the balance...but is well known by God.


Becky K.

Iva said...

The Man Beast came home from work yesterday raving about McCain's choice in VP. His exact words were, "I have to register to vote!"

Regardless of whether you sway towards the Donkey or the Elephant, this election promises to bring EVERYONE out of their hibernation!

Sage said...

I am thrilled about McCain's choice of a VP running mate. As Christian's, I believe we now have someone we can support. I, too, was leaning toward not voting, but I have changed my mind. God bless America!


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

It is very exciting. I was not thinking of not voting, but I was thinking how much my heart wasn't in it, until this. I'm thrilled.

~~Deby said...

Doing the Happy Dance for his choice....hmmmm...think the Dem's might be a bit afraid of the moment...there are many of us PRO-lifer's out here ...more than they give us credit....
who watches way to much Fox news!!!

lady jane said...

We have a supreme and wonderful privilege and right to vote. To not vote lends an automatic vote to the 'other' side, imho. That's a risk I've never taken.

I vote conservative but am not a one issue voter. There are *so* many areas of issue and concern. I believe Palin is an excellent choice for VP candidate - very strategic, wise and thoughtful on the part of McCain and his 'camp'.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm for the other side, but I'll still be your friend, Brenda. :)

I'm voting for the person (Obama) that I think will make the most difference. Our country needs a huge change from the last 8 years. The most important issues to me are the economy, health insurance, employment, etc. because I think they are the issues affecting most Americans right now.

I just cannot see Palin as President if something were to happen to McCain. I'm sure she's a wonderful wife and mother, but that doesn't equate V.P. or President to me.

Politics are a touchy subject of course - so no offense. We all have our thoughts.

Clif said...

Fantastic post! I feel almost exactly the same as you do. I completely disagree with lyn. In fact, I couldn't disagree more! I will keep praying for God's will to be done. This is an important matter. Thanks for your encouraging post and blog.

Morning Glory said...

I don't know yet what I think about the VP decision, but I will say that McCain certainly got the attention of the country.

Gumbo Lily said...

You said: "Could she function as a President if needed? Hey, she's a mother if FIVE children who works outside the home. Need I say more."

My thoughts exactly.

DebD said...

I am happy about McCain's choice, but I still don't trust McCain. He's too wrapped up in big money (as is Obama). I'm still leaning toward Libertarian. In my state it really doesn't matter as its a blue as blue can be. Well, perhaps if I lived in MASS it could be bluer ;) Obama will win - so my voice really doesn't count (I'm sure the liberals in Red states feel the same frustration).

I do know what you mean about just being tired of the same old, same old political process with little or no change. Palin is a breath of fresh air.

p.s. I told my husband that McCain nominated The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard to be VP. LOL. (if you didn't catch that Brit show on tv, check it out at

Anonymous said...

One of the blessings of being an American is that we are all allowed to have our opinions, as well as freedom of speech.

I bet even if we put 10 republicans in a room or 10 democrats all 10 of each party would not even agree on all matters concerning their own candidates.

God bless the freedoms we are allowed to have in this country!

KJ said...

Boy, when Palin was announced as the VP running mate, I could see the color return to the faces of conservatives! Most conservatives are quite excited by the prospect of this strong, intelligent, and articulate woman serving in this capacity.

Obama, also, is a highly intelligent, eloquent, and accomplished man. However, the videos of his pastor spewing hate speech and blame were telling. I realize that this pastor was not running for President, but Obama had been sitting under this man's ministry for years before it got in the way of the election.

Thanks for your courage to express your feelings. Lyn is right about the wonderful freedom in this country to express ourselves.


Liz said...

Hi Brenda,
I said almost the exact same thing!
I have now thrown my support behind McCain. I was going to vote for him just because he was the lesser of 2 evils. But now I am actually excited.

Great Post! Thanks for going political on us!

anita said...

This is my first visit to your blog, link to a link and so on :) I am enjoying your posts very much. I don't judge you or argue about disagreements, I just want to say for my 2 cents that Biblically I don't understand how we can support Ms. Palin as VP. I understand her husband is supporting her in it, he stays home and takes care of the home, and I read the articles about her taking her baby everywhere with her, but that all doesn't line up with Scripture. Titus2 alone is being disobeyed in this. One article actually said she was taking the baby house to house, I just can't agree whis is right. This isn't just a job, she will be 1 second away from being president. Her job right now is her home and baby, not the country. and that's my 2 censt but I respect others views :) with love anita