Friday, August 29, 2008

A hello and a promise to be back later

It is starting to look like late summer is heading into early autumn here. Of course, we will have hot weather off and on (like today) through September but a few trees in our yard have begun to show mostly yellow leaves (quite early!), autumn wild flowers and golden grasses are in ditches where day lilies once flourished, and black walnuts are almost ready to drop from the tree in our back yard. They literally rain on our roof when ripe enough to fall.

I was given today (Friday) off of work if I was willing to work this weekend. Believe me, after working eleven straight days, I was READY. Especially since yesterday was "one of those days" with frustrations at work (it always gets squirrely the last part of this week) and then getting a call that the car Christopher drives is acting up and we had to drive to the community college last night at 9:00 to follow him over to our mechanic's place. We parked the car there and pushed a note and the key through the mail slot on our mechanic's office door. Hopefully, he won't trip on it as he enters!

Of course, I woke up at 6:00 this morning when I could have slept in! It was absolutely delicious to slowly sip a huge mug of coffee with Splenda and cream without having to dash off quickly. I made a quick trip in to the grocery store for a few items while breakfast dishes soaked (okay, I have two days worth of dishes soaking but I have been TOO tired to do them at night). It was also good to be able to answer the cell phone when Stephanie called, rather than finding her name as a "missed call" on the list at the end of my work day.

Other than a couple loads of necessary laundry, the plan is to refrain from heavy housework and rest today. The jury is still out whether I'll accept work next week. My checkbook says yes (especially since there is now a car repair... which is a whole lot better than a car PAYMENT). However, my better angels tell me money isn't everything when fatigue is an issue. :)

Next week I'm hoping to go to Storybook Woods and check out the comments for other blogs that celebrated Tasha Tudor Day. She also has the links in the original post (which will come up when you click the blog title in the first sentence) for two other bloggers who helped develop the idea of Tasha Tudor Day. It was nice seeing Mari-Nanci in the comments on THIS blog.

Speaking of other blogs, Mrs. Catherine is beginning a great series of posts about during our housework One Task at a Time. Good stuff as usual.

As Arnold would say... "I'll Be Back".

Picture: Three Hens with Coop, I love chickens and roosters.


Raewyn said...

Brenda, here is a link to friend's post on Tasha Tudor, celebrating her birthday with her lovely children.

She also has a page called Author Fiesta, celebrating a children's author/artist each month. At the moment it is chockful of Tasha! ;)

Thanks for posting to let us know how you are...we appreciate it so! Hope you can make it back soon!

Much love,

freetobeme - Anita said...

I'm surprised your leaves are turning color already...ours haven't started yet, here in Michigan. Autumn is my favorite season.

jamie in rose cottage said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog today. :-)

Sounds like you're a busy girl right now, but looking forward to hearing more soon!

the pleasures of homemaking said...

I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your day off and are feeling a bit refreshed and ready to tackle the weekend!