Saturday, August 30, 2008

An additional political comment

I was watching the clock today, counting down the moments until Fall Book Rush 2008 was history. Hubby and I celebrated by stopping for fast food burgers on the way home (they are a celebration when one is on such a limited budget). He may work next week but I will return only for football game days and such until the end of the semester when these same books are sold back to the store.

I do have to admit that I would have voted in this election... regardless. One cannot live in this family and get away with staying home on election day. I would have heard about it for four solid years if "the other guy" got in. :)

I do have close friends who are Democrats and Obama supporters. We just don't talk politics. I heard an interview with Lynne Cheney who remarked how different the Washington climate is now. There was a time when the Republicans and Democrats were often good friends and the Cheney's had very close friends from "across the aisle". However, she said you don't find that, anymore. Since the Bible says "a house divided against itself will not stand"... makes you kinda' wonder, doesn't it?

I LOVE the In the Heart of My Home blog and thought this post about Sarah Palin was right on! Do take the time to read it. I've been a stay at home Mom, a corporate career Mom, and a homeschooling Mom. I believe every time I was in God's will due to prayer and the leading of circumstances in each situation. I'm hoping Evangelical women do not put Sarah Palin down because she is a "working Mom"... one who gets paid for working, that is. Every mother is a working mother. :)


Iva said...

I believe she answered the comment with grace and dignity. It's so sad that women choose to rip each other apart based on something as simple as staying home or working outside of the home.

I think we'd all do well to remember that we are to lift each other up - not tear each other down.

Anonymous said...

The Bible is clear on women being "keepers at home" and yet today, most Christians support women choosing to work away from home, even when they have young children. I believe this is wrong in the eyes of God. I believe the Bible teaches that all women should be at home, even older ones. Where are the mentors? Where are the older women to teach the younger ones? Where are the women who could do charity work, instead of working for pay at stressful jobs where men belong?
I know this is politically incorrect, but isn't it so because of the world's system? The Bible is clear on women's roles. Sarah Palin belongs at home with her 4 MONTH OLD BABY and her other children, not traveling the world discussing politics in a man's world. I truly believe the Lord has men designed for politics and women to be caretakers of the home and family.
This whole Sarah Palin issue is very upsetting for me. And I am disappointed that you defend her position.
Where are the old paths and old ways? How sad that they cannot be found in this sinful world and rebellious generation.

Daffodil Hill said...

Life has taught me that it is not wise to lay down a one-size-fits-all brand of Christianity. Certainly there are non-negotiable principles to be followed, but Christianity is first and foremost about relationship with the Lord rather than a list of rules.

Legalistic, judgmental believers do far more harm than good. It is love and grace that draws us to Christ - not rules. Why can we not give one another the freedom to follow the Lord as He leads us individually instead of expecting everyone's life to look just like our own?

Though God's will is always consistent with His character, He often calls us to do things that don't fit the expectations of others. Let us extend His grace to each other and encourage our sisters to listen to Him and Him alone.

KJ said...

Wearing our hearts on our sleeves definitely opens us up, doesn't it? I don't believe that we have to apologize for who we are. God certainly isn't apologizing...

A blog is akin to inviting someone into our home. A guest may not like my decorating style or the things that give me pleasure, but they don't have to live with me. They can choose to celebrate what we have in common and agree to respect one another for what we don't.

Jesus stirred up quite a bit of controversy because he wasn't following "man's" opinions. He was obedient to His Father. God uses the foolish things to confound the wise. I truly believe that we are living in days where God will confound us more and more. I can almost hear Him saying, "Behold, I do a new thing."

I realized from the beginning that blogging is not a popularity contest. On some of the most visited blogs, I have never received replies to my comments. I have people who visit me who have never placed me on their blog rolls. I just keep being me and I know that you are fully yourself here.

I wish "anonymous" had had the courage to say who they are. It always grieves me when such strong statements are cloaked under an alias. I can only pray that God will meet that individual at the point of their need.

Brenda, thanks again for being transparent and for giving me a great place to visit!