Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Another change....sigh

The battery on my son's phone would no longer keep a charge so we traded in our old phones for new ones on Monday. It was almost time, anyway. I miss the feel of my chunkier phone even though I like the look of the new one. It is a shiny red metallic number. The guys picked it out for me and they know red is always a safe option for Mom.

However... and this is where it gets just too sad ...Amarillo By Morning was no longer a ringtone option. So after spending what seems like hours (I'm sure it was about twenty minutes) looking through song titles, my son told me how to look elsewhere for some Christian options.

I no longer hear George's voice when I have an incoming phone call. Instead I hear the charming Chris Tomlin singing Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone). It is a lovely song but for awhile I'll miss George.

Added note: Yes, I have been teased about the Amarillo By Morning quite often. I mean, really, if you listen to the words that is one sad country song. I'm certain my new ring tone will be much more edifying!


Tealady Tammy said...

I can so relate with phones and ring tones..heheh but I have to say Chris Tomlin is good one to have. I hope you have a lovely evening

Anonymous said...

Chris Tomlin is my favorite!!
joanna :)

Sandy said...

Mine is a slick pink number. My husband won't use it because of the pink. Which is a nice bonus if you think about it.

Anonymous said...

Sandy has that right!!!

I love the Amazing Grace by Chris Tomlin.

My ringtone is "O Praise Him" by David Crowder

Jenny said...

Brenda, I don't even know those songs or artists about which you are talking, but I'm sure they are great. I'm only 30 but am woefully unfamiliar with anything remotely contemporary. My own ringtone is Bach's Air on the G String. I had been using just the plain old phone ringing ringtone, so you can imagine my suprise one day when whilst my little one was playing around with the phone I suddenly heard Bach!

Adrienne said...

We need to get new phones and I hope they have some good ringtones available. My sweetheart just wants his phone to ring - I want mine to make music. My current phone plays part of a little classical piece. I would love to have Chris Tomlin, David Crowder or Bach's Air on a G String! I think I should head to the phone store right away and see what I can find! May your new phone be a source of many blessings. ~Adrienne~

smilnsigh said...

I love the "sound" of a new RED phone!!!