Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Back to Eden

I was out and about early this morning for another appointment. We went through this when my husband first went on S.S. Disability. We're going through it again as we are transferring most of his medical care to the Veteran's Administration.

When one is dealing with any government agency (in this case both the V.A. and Social Security), one develops such eternal attributes as patience. :)

When we were at the V.A. hospital earlier this week, I happened to sit near the window. For the first time, I noticed the amazingly beautiful gardens in between the medical building and one of the resident halls. Someone had gone to a lot of work to create such beauty for there was not one big garden but many smaller areas which combined (when looking from above) into a lovely view.

The more I scanned the areas where each smaller garden was located, I realized they were placed where they could be viewed outside windows on the lower levels. What a good thing for those former soldiers and their families, whether they are the elderly men we talk to who served in WWII or Korea, the Viet Nam vets such as my husband, or the latest young soldier returning from Iraq.

This morning we drove up to a building which was also surrounded by beautiful gardens. When my husband went inside for his appointment, I drifted off to a bench swing located under a large tree. For this "park" housed a building for abused women and children, a day care for these precious ones, an area for picnics, and many places for children to have fun at the good sized playground. (My husband was there to talk to a person who could give him information about government agencies.)

There was a woman working in one area of the gardens, pulling weeds and tending flowers. We later chatted for awhile about gardens, and grandchildren, the hot weather, and how this place tends to the needs of hurting families. This particular garden was created with all volunteer work by our local Master Gardener's Association, for which she volunteers. I shared with her about the garden at the V.A. Hospital and we both agreed flowers sooth the hurting souls.

While I was sitting on the swing, enjoying the breeze before the dangerous heat of the day was upon us, I thought more about gardens and our need for beauty. The thought crossed my mind that our souls continue to long for Eden when Man lived in a garden and was surrounded by animals. There is a reason we find ourselves visiting gardens...and zoos. Those women and children who have known only violence must walk past Beauty before entering to seek human counsel. What a good idea.

I expect that is why I smile as I do dishes these days. The various green bottles on the windowsill all hold tiny bouquets of zinnias in the colors of the rainbow. Another small bouquet sits on my living room coffee table where I can soak up a little more beauty while reading. Peace and Beauty purchased for a very small amount of money at the Farmer's Market over the weekend.

What more could one ask when combined with a book and a glass of (iced) tea? I even have a very pudgy cat waddle over from time to time, two ladies each missing another and finding solice together. That is a good thing. :)

Picture: Victorian Garden, Chiu, All


Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Brenda,
I put you a card in the mail today. Mommy had to help me. I wish I could give you a poodle kiss.
Miss Candi

Maggie Ann said...

Brenda, thank you for being 'you' and letting us share in your heartfelt moments as we pass through this life, so temporarily...and that is so bittersweet.