Friday, June 15, 2007

The Organic God, a review

When I was asked to review this book, I agreed because it seemed to be the kind of book I like. I wasn't at all disappointed.

Even though the "target audience" of the book is probably younger than me, I found Margaret Feinberg to be a young woman of great well as a darn good writer.

The book is partly autobiographical, sharing her journey towards Christ from childhood to the present. It is partly good Bible teaching with a bit of theology thrown in. There are plenty of antidotes given for which one who has been "in the Church" more than five minutes will find themselves shaking their head with a hearty..."been there!".

My favorite chapter is called "breathtakingly beautiful", mainly because I love to find beauty in my everyday surroundings as well as beauty in Christ. Here is an excerpt from this chapter, "The more I reflect on God and who he is, the more I am mesmerized by his beauty. This beauty is more than just visual stimulation or attractiveness. While passages throughout the Bible depict God and his throne room full of textures, colors, jewels, and creatures yet unknown...those are just manifestations of a deeper truth, namely, that God himself is the source of all that is beautiful".

This is another good "summer book", it is deeper than the usual paperback novel one slips into their backpack on the way to the beach (although the closest I'll probably get to water this summer is feeding the ducks in the pond at the park). Even though each chapter builds upon the other, it is easy to put the book down after finishing a chapter and beginning the next much later (as in...when it is cooler outside and the wasp who was terrorizing me earlier has gone somewhere for an afternoon nap).

I truly believe this is a great book for anyone (male or female) who likes to read true stories of what God has done in the life of another person. However, it is one of those rare books I'd recommend highly for young women...late high school through college age...who are making many choices about their life. Those books are hard to find but this is truly one both a mother and daughter would enjoy reading and then chatting about it together...or a group of young women using as a book to read for a book club. It gets four teacups out of four...a small jewel of a book.

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