Friday, June 15, 2007

Farewell, Ruth

There are a few people in my life that I quote often. Ruth Graham was one of those ladies.

My favorite "quote" of hers was "Marriage is the union of two forgivers". How true...

I thought of her when my husband was away from home a great deal, traveling for his job...and he was back on weekends!

I remember when I was reading one of her books and it made me feel so...hopeful. She told how she had to prop her Bible up in the kitchen to find time to read it when she had small children. She shared how she often prayed that her children would not remember how often she yelled at them (and they didn't!).

I think of her now when I pass by my son's room. She said she got to the point she didn't want to see what her children's rooms looked like, she didn't go upstairs. Sigh...I just close the door and try not to look.

Ruth was a wonderful combination of holy, wholesome, and just a wee bit on the wild side...good least for a grandmother. Didn't I read that she hurt herself falling out of a tree once...not that many years ago?

So now my prayers go out for her husband, children, and family. for Ruth...I expect she's rejoicing with the Saviour now...fully longer bedridden...having left behind a truly beautiful legacy for others to follow.


Mary said...


This post is a beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady. I looked on the internet at pictures of her thru the years, I think she actually grew more and more beautiful as she grew older. There was one picture of her with her son Franklin, her hair was white and pulled back in a soft bun and she looked so pretty. A beautiful smile and her whole countenance radiated a sweet spirit within. She was truly a lady and I agree, she rejoices with our Savior today.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a beautiful tribute to a very special lady. I have read many of her books and so enjoyed the reality of what she shared.
Thank you for your lovely words.

Suze said...

I watched the funeral service today on the internet. All her children spoke - and they were all inspiring in their memories of her. The best was Anne Graham Lotz. Also, her sister Rosa, spoke - and told stories of when they were children in China. I've always admired Ruth so much - she is one of those ladies that exhibited what a wife and mother should be, as well as being human and fallible - which we all are....I know she was so happy to go home and leave that old body behind, and she'll make welcome for Billy when he gets there.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I was very happy that I caught the funeral on TV as it started, too.

What a lovely tribute! My two favorite speakers were also Anne and her sister. I loved it when she said that she and Ruth were both "Made in China". :)