Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Beautiful, sunny days!

If it seems I'm posting less these days, even with the "company" back home you can blame the nice weather and the gift from my daughter and son-in-law. They purchased for us a small (just the right size) deck table complete with umbrella and chairs. I already had added pretty flowers this year so it makes for a lovely combination. It leaves plenty of room for a picnic table to be added later. I'll take a picture and eventually post it (I must someday get digital!).

I absolutely love early summer days in the Midwest. The heat and humidity will very soon settle in for awhile. Then I will retreat to the air conditioned rooms. However, I'm enjoying my front porch and now the deck and ponder.

I have three books going right now, all of which I'll chat about when finished. Only one is on my Summer Challenge list, another is a library book that must be returned soon, and the third is a book to review which I received in the mail this week.

My apologies for not giving recognition to the artist for that lovely picture in my last post. I was quite in a hurry and completely forgot. You can find the print here at

I have also added a recipe on my recipe blog (where I "park" favorite family recipes). My grandson is on the Feingold diet for hyperactive and ADHD children so I "tweaked" a favorite recipe so he could eat it. It turned out so yummy that I'm going to make half of the recipe that way and half with the chocolate chips and dried cherries as usual quite often. Sorry that I couldn't remove the calories.


Mrs. E said...
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Cheryl (Copper's Wife) said...

What a lovely gift!! Enjoy your time outdoors while the weather is pleasant. I, too, enjoy sitting outside in the shade while I read, watch the boys in the pool, or watch our little flock of sheep.

Lallee said...

Sounds like a beautiful reading spot. I'm envious of the many books you are able to read. I've always wanted to be a faster reader, but find myself reading word for word no matter how many times I try to speed up. I tell myself I'm getting 'quality' LOL, but I would rather read fast so I could read more.

Anonymous said...

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smilnsigh said...

Deck table with umbrella and chairs. Yes, a lovely gift.