Thursday, May 10, 2007

Resting, napping, reading, pondering...

After the chaos of seasonal outdoor chores mixing with end-of-the-school year events, I needed a quiet week. Besides a couple of afternoon naps, I've been doing a little baking, a lot of reading, the necessary gardening, chatting with my daughter on the phone, going to Panera to share a coffee with hubby, and some much needed "girlfriend" time.

Last Friday I had breakfast with my "new" friend, Linda, where we discussed books, teenagers, thrift store finds, and other fun subjects. Yesterday I had lunch with my "usual suspects", Sheila and Suzie...former neighbors...friends. As usual, we met at an ethnic restaurant, this time nibbling on Jerusalem salad, stuffed grape leaves, hummus, tabbouleh, pita bread, and other Mediterranean foods.

I have been reading a lot, finishing a book for the Spring Reading Challenge as well as a few library books that must be returned soon. I'm about three-fourths through Alexandra Stoddard's book called Choosing Happiness, Keys to a Joyful Life. Once you look past some of the usual "New Age type" quotes (which really are very few so far), it's an excellent book for those who ponder things one day at a time, learning to see the beautiful around you, etc. This is a library edition but I'll be thinking of adding this to my own Stoddard collection when possible. I have enjoyed it so much that I've already gone back and reread sections. It was just what I needed right now.

I've also been going through some great oversized decorating books I brought home from the library, which I'll share more about later. Alexandra's book has also given me more food for fodder (as such) for later blog ideas...always good for those weeks my mind is blank. :)

As soon as the unseasonal heat has left us, I'll be outside tending to weeds and pruning more bushes. Hopefully the pile of laundry will be half its' size by this time tomorrow. I need to "do something" with a package of chicken in the frig...perhaps a pasta salad. The carpeting is crying out for attention. All because I took a much needed rest.

That's okay for they would probably be here, anyway, but tomorrow they'll be met with much more enthusiasm and a cheerful nature because I took some much needed "me time". Now I'm off to "put the dishes to soak" and brew some tea to enjoy while the suds are doing their job. Overall...a good day...a good week.


Heather said...

Brenda - you are so wise! I need to learn to listen to my body and slow down - take a nap! Right now our house is full of workmen - at least the bathroom is, so I feel like I can't really relax! When this project is complete, I will nap ... really! I'll try anyway .... but of course with one eye open since The Storyteller seems to be 1 step away from cautastrophe every minute these days! What is it about 6 year old boys?

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Well, my body told me I HAD to slow down. :)

Yes, having raised one very active boy, I know what you mean.

Although it was my GIRL who ended up in the emergency room a few times. :)

The Feathered Nest said...

I'm reading Alexandra Stoddard's new book now. I'm not liking it as much as her older books - Living a Beautiful Life & Daring to be Yourself are still my favorites.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the afternoon I had today (Saturday)
I found a Corrie TenBoom book(Life Lessons from Corrie TenBoom) at a yard sale this morning, and spent the afternoon reading it, followed by a lovely nap!
What a rare treat!
Glad you had a restful week Brenda! I am sure it was just what the Physician ordered (the Great physician)!