Friday, May 11, 2007

Queen of the Castle, a review

When Lynn Bowen Walker e-mailed me awhile back, asking me if I'd be willing to review Queen of the Castle, I said yes because it sounded interesting. I also figured any book that has a recipe for "something chocolate" each month is my kind of book! I chose May 11th for my day to review the book and it seemed so far off at the time!

Little did I know I'd absolutely love this book. I skimmed some of it when it first arrived and then stayed up until early morning finishing it the next day...even though it's designed to be read a week per chapter. :)

Lynn has taken much of what she has read in other books and given it to us in smaller, more digestible portions. It's perfect for busy wives and moms who want to read a book about homemaking, raising children, planning celebrations and holidays, saving money, cooking, cleaning, gardening...etc...but can read only a little bit at a time. (Or all of it in two sittings like I did.) In addition to the "chocolate recipes", the book is filled with other good recipes to try. I have already made her quiche and judging from how fast it was inhaled at lunch one's a winner.

Lynn's sense of humor and her warm personality comes through in the pages of this book. One feels they're reading pages written by their best friend by the time they reach the end. I do believe you will enjoy the book as much as I have. I once told my daughter that mothers of many preschoolers need books they can read one bathroom break at a time (or during nap times before the newborn wakes up again). This is such a book.

The book would be an inexpensive (just click on the title above for info) treat for yourself, perfect for Summer reading to take with you to the beach or outside in the garden. I believe it would also be a great baby or wedding shower gift (I never know what to buy for showers!). It would also be a nice Titus 2 kind of gift...a book to give to a busy wife or mom for her home keeping "library".

Congratulations Lynn, the years it took to write this book a little bit at a time paid off!


Anonymous said...

Cute cover! It sounds like I can judge this book by the cover, unlike some 'cute' covers! Thanks for sharing this gem!

the Feathered nest said...

Thanks for the review. I saw this book at the grocery store the other day. I'll take a closer look now.


Kelley said...

I have this book and just love it!