Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A beautiful children's book

I was looking through the children's section at Barnes & Noble a couple months ago and was stopped by a gorgeous hardback book sitting on the picture book shelf. It was called Days on the Farm by Kim Lewis. When I opened it, I knew it would be perfect for my grandson's upcoming 4th birthday. He loves stories about animals and farms. The illustrations are beautiful, the story lines simple enough for little ones to understand. It contains four or five of Lewis's books about farm life, all in one hardback volume. (I will now be on the lookout for other titles!)

It is now on the way to New England and I can hardly wait to see what he thinks of his new book. I highly recommend it. This edition must be a reprint for at Barnes & Noble (and on their website), it is only $9.95 but the same book on Amazon has a different picture on the cover and sells for as much as $99.00!!!!

That's why I gave a link to Barnes & Noble online if you click on the book's title above. I doubt there are too many people who read Coffee Tea Books and Me that can afford that much for a child's book. :)

Really...I think you'll love it!


smilnsigh said...

Ooops, T-storm on the near horizon. Best close down. See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Kim Lewis! What a great writer/ illustrator...and from England!(for those of us who love all things 'british'!:)
Thanks for sharing!