Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A quick hello!

I'm in the midst of two very busy days. There seems to be a stretch where things are quiet and then at least two of us have a lot of extra activities going on all week. For me it was last week which required extra work and out-of-the-house appointments/meetings. This week I'm basically playing chauffeur as we work around my husband and son's appointments, grocery store visits, a trip to the library, taking my son to and from work, etc.

We eat out as a family a couple of times a month so we decided today would be a good time to have a late lunch at Applebees. By getting their lunch specials, the price wasn't too bad and I won't have to make dinner tonight after running errands all day. It will be a night for cheese, crackers, fruit...and popcorn! We're saving the second time we eat out for my husbands SIXTIETH BIRTHDAY on April 21st. I cannot believe it! We married just days after I turned twenty and he was twenty-seven!

While at the library, I found my favorite season of one of my favorite TV shows on DVD. I've already told my guys that I plan a Mom's Day Off soon where I'm going to veg out on the family room sofa and have a personal film marathon. :)

This morning, my son had a dress rehearsal of a co-op drama class so I dropped him off where they were meeting and then went to the Super Target and to Goodwill. I found the cutest vintage looking Easter "pail" at Target, which I will put my son's candy in (and take it back, hehehe). He saw some of the candy I'd bought him and I told him he can't have it until Easter and that the Easter Bunny told me exactly what to purchase.

At Goodwill, I found two books for the grandchildren and one for me (an Alexandra Stoddard book). The book prices are still decent at Goodwill but they have raised the prices on their other goods so much, it is ridiculous. I suppose they are keeping up with higher energy and employee costs but there are now items there that cost almost as much as one would pay for them brand new.

A housekeeping note (as in "tip"), my grocery store didn't have my usual silver polish so I had to try a tube of polishing creme called MAAS. I tried it when I arrived home to see if it would work on the silver tea service which was getting slightly tarnished. It works better than my usual polish! Amazing! I'm going to try it on a couple of trays that have developed a lot of tarnish as soon as I have some time. I actually like polishing silver, I find it relaxing. These days, I have been able to find good silver pieces (cheap) at Goodwill, thrift shops and garage sales because most people don't want to deal with polishing it. Shhhh...don't tell them about this product. :)


martha said...

Oh yes! Maas silverpolish is the best! I use it with an old toothbrush on ornately detailed items. Last week I also used a little chunk of a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (generic) and cleaning went so easily. I have noticed that items resist tarnishing longer when I use Maas. Glad you found it!

Glamour Mom said...

You have cheese, crackers, fruit, and popcorn night? How funny...so do we. Once every two weeks to be exact. How amazing is that?

I normally grocery shop once every two weeks. Right before I need to go, our pantry is usually a little bare...refrigerator too for that matter. We always have cheese, crackers, fruit, and popcorn so that's what we have the night before I grocery shop. It's a pretty tasty meal indeed :) No complaints at all.

And here I thought we were the only one's :)

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

You two make me KNOW there are a lot of likeminded people who read this blog. :)

Maggie Ann said...

I've heard that Good Will is a good place to look for silver. Happy Easter to you and your family!

Sue said...

Seriously? You are returning the Easter basket.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Oh no, I'm NOT returning the Easter basket.

I'm taking it back for me to use!