Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Where did Spring go?

After a few weeks of near record and record high temperatures, we're now dropping into the record low numbers. My muscles and my head are both telling me that was not a change for the good. From the noise the birds are making outside, I think they are registering their complaints, too. We're hoping everything that has bloomed will not be harmed. Although, I never plant annuals until very late April or May because our normal last frost is not until then.

I should clarify something in my last post. I didn't even realize the way it sounded until someone commented. I'm not taking back the Easter basket to the store, I'm taking it from my son and using it MYSELF. :) He never keeps his basket so this year, I bought a vintage looking one that I can use after he eats all his candy. Sorry for the mix up, I'd never take back anything after it has been used! It's a pretty aqua colored tin with a very old fashioned looking design on the side.

Last night, I was so tired after running errands all day. I let the dishes go (although since I didn't have to fix dinner, it wasn't a lot), brewed some tea, and took to my sofa. I am usually an even tempered person but I found myself getting cranky as well as rather fearful (after seeing how much groceries and gas have risen in price already).

I learned a long time ago, not to make any important decisions when I'm tired or fearful because I'm not thinking clearly at that time. I also know myself well enough to realize how I'm feeling in the evening after a long day is not...well...normal. I'm not a night person on the best of days. Throw in a 50 degree temperature drop and it was definitely time for R & R.

I spent the remainder of the evening polishing some silver and then reading until 11:00. The guys are both late night people, my son even does a lot of his studying in the late evening hours. However, when I began staying up late with them, I found I was sleeping away my prime energy hours (being a morning person). So, most nights now I'm heading for bed by 11:00. I've begun to set the alarm clock as well as the timer on the coffeepot. It's easier for me to crawl out of bed in the morning if I know the coffee is ready!

I was out this morning early to finish the shopping. I have the groceries all put away including the packages of meat and the butter all slipped into Zip Lock bags and placed in the freezer. It feels good to be stocked up again. I was able to find great sales on meat, butter, cream cheese, shredded and block cheeses, and frozen vegetables. Since the "good hams" were on sale for 99 cents a pound, I purchased a whole ham for Easter dinner. I'll slice and "cube" at least half of it for later meals.

While out this morning, I stopped by the Goodwill near my favorite grocery store and purchased four wonderful hardback books for the grandchildren (including one that has all the Paddington Bear stories), as well as a magnetic white board with letters that attach to it, all for around $2.50. Now that is a very good thing!

I want to send them a nice selection of "new" books to arrive about the time Mommy and Daddy come home with their new brother. We're definitely on baby watch, although it could still be another week or so. Having had one preemie and two planned C-sections, I don't know what that is like to wait...and wait...and an expectant mother. :)

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smilnsigh said...

Just one more thing for you to do, Dear. :-) Start some sort of an 'Announcement Of Imminent Birth' line here. And of course, 'Announcement Of Birth' line too.

Oh I am such a *big help,* am I not? -giggles- One more thing to do. For the already-on-pins-and-needles Grandmother!

And actually, all you have to do is post.... 'The baby is on the way' or some such. Then....'The baby has arrived and is a he or a she.'
:-) So simple.

But that's me. Never say something, in simple terms. When it could be said in a more round-about way. :-)