Saturday, March 24, 2007

Why we blog

I enjoy getting comments and e-mails from readers of Coffee Tea Books and Me. In a comment, Maggie Ann said I share my life in an "honest and thought provoking way". The desire of my heart is to encourage fellow pilgrims on the journey that Christ is in control and this isn't Heaven, yet. Don't judge Him when you look at a fallen world. I also desire to offer information for those who feel the need to be more prepared for any upcoming crisis (through providing links on the sidebar to good preparedness sites).

I wish God had molded and shaped me to be a singer. I'm the worst singer you would hope never to hear. I was in the car this morning, driving one of those narrow country roads that leads to my house, when Point of Grace came on the radio singing The Great Divide. Tears came up (but good tears) as my mind flashed back to a former church and two high school girls singing that song. One with dark hair and pale complexion (like her mom at the time), the other looking just like Princess Jasmine from Aladdin (really...) with dark hair nearly down to her waist and a gorgeous olive complexion.

They were requested to sing that particular song many times. Both had the talent that they could have sung professionally. Both went on to college (my daughter to the University nearby, Sonia to an Ivy League women's college "out East"). Both became wives and mothers. Sigh...I wish I could sing like them. It is not to be on this side of the River. They still sing, I'm certain...just not as a career.

God gave me a few gifts that I have used through the years, the gift of administration and being able to help people solve problems, which I used in corporations. The gift of writing and teaching Bible studies, which I have used off and on. I have the spiritual gift of baking, a rather strange gift for a diabetic. But most of all...He gave me the gift of words. I love words, I love to read words and write words...I love the music of poetry and the sound of prose.

I can write about feelings and God, what it looks like outdoors today, grandchildren, staying the course when one wants to give up, finding beauty along the way, enjoying a good cup of coffee (which is the one bean I get plenty of in my diet), relaxing with tea and a great book in the evening. For those words flow through my mind as easy as I can take butter, eggs, sugar, flour, and...chocolate...and whip up something wonderful without thinking. Gifting...being used by Him in this part of the Body.

I have quite a number of blogs on my Bloglines, for each one I choose to read is unique. Some make me laugh, some instruct, many inspire me as a homemaker, most as a Christian. Some I enjoy just to keep up with families I've come to know but will never meet this side of Eternity. Others keep me updated with what is going on in politics. Some are quite light in reading, others make me think...a lot. Most are Christian in nature, others mention nothing of their "religious" leanings but offer beauty in some way.

For those of us who are Christians, I believe blogging is a 21st century way of being part of the Body of Christ. C. S. Lewis has been quoted as saying, "We read to know we are not alone". That's one of the reasons I love blogs and know I am not alone.


Debbie French said...

I am on the otherside of my monitor, I am your mirror of mind, while I read your blog. I love how you share your beauty with words. You are a very beautiful woman, without ever meeting you. I feel connected spiritually through your words. Yes I love words. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God.

Maggie Ann said...

I appreciate your gift of writing and have added you to my sidebar, hope thats ok with Being able to express what we experience as we go through life is a gift indeed! And to find sisters in Christ nearby adds beauty to life. And strengthens. I love your gift of words...glad I happened over here...

Mrs. Darling said...

good post!

Seasonal Soundings said...

Coffee, Tea, Books, and Me has won a Thinking Blog Award!

Happy Day!