Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sunday Afternoon Tea

I love this picture. It's actually from a tea magazine and when I saw it, I have to admit to breaking at least one commandment ...coveting. :) To me, they are works of art and beauty in porcelain. When I was thinking of what to chat about this Sunday, I thought about the subject

Many of my favorite books deal with the subject of beauty, whether beauty in making a home, beauty in nature, beauty in poetry, beauty in architecture, gardens, in all areas of life. When I think of Heaven, I think of beauty.

Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. In making my home a sanctuary from the outside world, I have attempted to use things that are beautiful to me and to the two males I live with. I admit that most of the house leans to my idea of beauty with English Country and vintage designs in most rooms. I love to walk in my front door, into the sanctuary of the familiar...the only place in the world where I have created what I consider true beauty...the colors, the textures, the scent, the family pictures, the books, the china, the furniture...coming together to make me feel at peace.

I have tried to do the same for the men in my life. My son's room fits him nicely and our bedroom is feminine but not girly...and it is yellow. It was painted that bright yellow when we moved in and my husband asked that we not paint it the shade of green I preferred because yellow makes him happy...sigh. Since he is prone to depression, the bedroom stays yellow. I can live with it and it is...cheerful. The office is all his, oh the things I could do with is all his. I just come in daily and use the computer. It is functional. It brings him peace and makes him happy.

That's not to say men don't appreciate true beauty. When the weather is warm and the flowers are planted "out front", when the rocking chair is back on the front porch (the garden bench has already made it back), when the house is shiny and clean and there is the aroma of something baking in the oven...I do get remarks. Beauty gets noticed.

There is beauty in a table set for dinner, beauty in a perfectly made roast or casserole, definitely beauty in a strawberry rhubarb in the common and the ordinary. There is beauty in my favorite perfume (Tresor), beauty in the honeysuckle fragrance of my cleaning supplies, beauty at the farmer's market, beauty in the architecture of "downtown" all around when we are looking at it. There is definitely beauty in old books and new books, brand new Bibles and the smell of in old pages that have been read by many people and in new pages that stick together, giving the knowledge that you are the first person to open that volume...great beauty.

There is beauty in people. I find many people beautiful that most of the world would set aside. There is an elderly black woman in our church, always so nicely dressed with a suit and pretty hat...I think she's one of the most beautiful people I know. I think my grandchildren are beautiful (of course). My mother was beautiful to me. Her mother was beautiful to her.

In this world, if we do not make an effort to ponder what is beautiful, if we don't take of our resources of time and money to put at least some small items of beauty around us (and it can be found on a budget), then we will find ourselves looking at the darkness in the world. We have got to choose life says the Word. I hope today as you are pondering Him that makes all things beautiful, Who can take people and transform them into beauty...that you will give some thought onto one area in your life that you can add this very day to bring more beauty into your, turning on the CD player and listening to amazing music, bake a cake or a pie, look at the face of a child, pull out those old photos of loved ones...brew some tea and drink it from a gorgeous cup as pictured above...choose life.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brenda, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your beautiful blog. We are planning to our large basement room yellow so that it will feel more 'sunny'. I have a stack of paint chips beside me.

I love the colourful picture of the teacups!

Anonymous said...

Oops! I meant "planning to paint our large basement room...".

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

We're probably going to paint our big bathroom a butter yellow color, too. I have to admit, is it cheerful.

I win out on so many decorating decisions that I must let my husband decide on some things! :)

Thank you for the kind words about the blog. I'd say less than 1% of anyone who ever reads it leaves a comment!

picketfencemom said...

Lovely post! I agree with you...sometimes what we see as beautiful is not perceived by others in the same way! I love to see clean clothes hung on the line flapping in the breeze, the black cows in the pature in front of my house grazing on the green grass, and the colorful birds at the front window feeder. But I also find beauty in a freshly cleaned refrigerator, a mopped floor, and a 'just bathed' baby straight out of the tub!
And another thought! Just as the Sandi Patti song says, "He could have made it (the world) all black and white, and we would've never known" or something like that. Thank the Lord for beautiful colors, wonderful smells, cheerful sounds, and delightful textures. There's beauty in all of those!
Thanks for sharing your lovely insights!
Have a blessed week!

Sharon said...

Brenda, I just discovered your blog in the links on BooMama's site. Could you tell me who recorded that beautiful music that is playing on your blog?

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Isn't the music beautiful? It is As Time Goes By as played by Henry Mancini.

I have often thought of the fact God didn't have to give us so many colors or tastes. Everything could have tasted like oatmeal!

Anonymous said...

*** I love to walk in my front door, into the sanctuary of the familiar...***

Those words touched my heart, Brenda. How poignant they are. My living room and kitchen are painted a soft yellow called Pebblestone of the Martha Stewart collection. It's a soothing yet cheerful color, helping to keep spirits bright. :o)

Bless you this day.

Sandra said...

This is a excellent post, Brenda. I also have quite a few books about beauty too, such as you described.

We can find beauty in everyday things if we look for it. I believe the Bible teaches us about this beauty and choosing life.

I'm enjoying your blog so much, thank you!

Maggie Ann said...

What an uplifting post...always needed for the soul to smile. Your teacup picture is beautiful. Did you know there was an online 'tea party'? I didn't but am going to go late and enjoy it anyway. TeenyTinyCabin is in my sidebar in case you'd like to check out her I go, taking your pleasant thoughts with me. Goodnight...

The Feathered Nest said...

What a lovely, thought provoking post! BTW, my whole house is some shade of yellow except my kitchen which I just painted gray.


Betty @ She's Sew Pretty said...

Speaking of beauty...that was a beautiful post. Very inspiring.