Monday, March 26, 2007

Lawn work and "my thoughts exactly"

One corner of our property (back yard perspective), taken last Spring.

Our temperatures have been at or near 80 off and on the past week so we've been scrambling to get all the leaf "mulch" off of our property where bulbs have suddenly sprouted. (That's about thirty degrees above average by the way...June highs...not March!)

I've mentioned before that we have a smallish house and a big yard! We have a wooden fence that is the boundary to the east and south of our property and all the area by the fence has been beautifully landscaped by past home owners. Add to that, up next to the house on three sides, it has also been landscaped so we have a lot of work to do. It's worth it in the long run, just wears one out at the beginning of Spring and the end of Autumn.

My husband went out for a couple of hours after church yesterday to continue what I had begun on Saturday. I spent at least an hour raking off leaf mulch and cutting back dried plant materials today and there is still one long stretch of fence to try to finish this evening. I hear thunder in the distance and the sky has turned black so...being smarter than the average bear...I got in out of the potential bad weather! Hoping to get back out again soon. I'll write more about what I'm thinking of doing with our yard this year at another time.

I also have to print off some material about Christian Worldviews for my co-op class tomorrow as well as bake six dozen cookies for a library function on Thursday. So I guess I'd better get started again.

So, since I have nothing much worth writing about with the possible exception of global warming (just kidding), I'll send you over to the fantastic post by Debra at As I See It Now. It's my thoughts exactly about living life!


Debra said...

Brenda--thanks so much for linking to me! And what a beautiful lawn and yard you have... you are blessed! Thanks again, Debra

Kelly said...

Brenda, I see you're reading "Mrs. Emily Whaley and her Charleston Garden." I recently found that book at a used bookstore. Isn't it a delightful story!

lindafay said...

What a beautiful place you have!

Anonymous said...

< I also have to print off some material about Christian Worldviews >

Is this from the Starting Points book? If not, can you post the link of where you are printing this from?

Anonymous said...

I also live in a smallish house on a larger lot. Not as large as yours looks but it takes a lot of time to look after. I'm trying to tackle it 20 minutes per day. Hmm... think I'll blog about that. LOL! Your flowering trees are lovely. The original owners of our property must have loved to garden, too. I am grateful to them.

Maggie Ann said...

Just stopping by to say Hi! It is a busy time of year with nature coming to life.

Andrea said...

I love your backyard. So peaceful.