Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What a day!

Thank you for the lovely comments and e-mails. I do promise to respond. This was one of those days where one has to juggle (it seems) a hundred things at once. Our homeschool co-op Tuesdays are always busy but today there were multiple gotta do's added to the list. I was so much in a hurry this morning, I took my insulin and then forgot to eat! It wasn't until we were on the way to the co-op and my head started spinning...(yes, while driving)...that I realized what I had done.

We made an emergency stop at a McDonald's while my son called a friend in his first co-op class to let them know we'd be late. It took a couple thousand calories in carbs for my heart rate to get back to normal and my brain to function but I was fine and quite sheepish. My son didn't mind the breakfast out, once he knew I would be okay (for he knows doing such a dumb thing can lead to a coma). Sheesh...

My Literature and World View class went so well, I'm enjoying that group of young people immensely. We're continuing to recognize various world views and comparing them to Truth we know in Christ. I figure if I don't do anything else with this group but make them aware everyone who communicates has a worldview, that will be good enough. I also spent some time today reminding them the best thing they can do as a Christian is to educate themselves in the area where God has called (whether math, science, history, archeology, literature, architecture, music, etc.) so they have a good defense of the faith prepared.

One of the printouts I used compared our worldview to the glasses (or contacts) we use to bring focus to our life...a very good way of putting it. I will post the sites where I found the three articles to print out (probably tomorrow).

I tried to use my time wisely by having our big meal of the day to be a late lunch, which cooked in the Crock Pot while at Co-op. Then when I had to run my son into town for fencing and wait an hour before taking him to work, I made certain my breakfast and lunch dishes were soaking in very hot and soapy water...ready to wash when I arrived home. I even got in ten minutes of yard work (with my kitchen timer in my pocket!) before having to leave to pick him up from work. (He's having allergy problems right now so he is having to take two Benedryl tablets, making driving not wise.)

I did get a couple of much needed breaks by resting before taking him to fencing and then a trip to Einsteins for coffee and a book (rereading Edith Schaeffer's first volume of letters) while I was waiting. I didn't dare purchase any of their yummy bagels or such, having consumed a day's worth of calories and carbs at one sitting this morning. :)

So...if my writing today is rather off and a bit loopy...if there are numerous grammar and spelling errors...please forgive. I don't think my brain is completely back to normal, yet. Although, my daughter says I haven't been right "since the baby came" (seventeen years ago).

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Susan said...

Oh, my . . . the low would have done me in! How did you ever get the energy to continue your day??? I'm glad you were near a source of food when it hit and that you're ok now. Don't forget to eat! LOL