Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Health & beauty aids...for chemically sensitive people

I did receive e-mails asking for the health and beauty aids my daughter uses for her family. She actually e-mailed them to me quickly but I have been a little slow in posting them....sorry! It takes some tweaking to take it from e-mail format to Blogger.

Here is her e-mail:

Most of our health and beauty aids are Tom's of Maine products...due to both the affordability and availability of their products. J. uses the shaving cream, deodorant soap, and fluoride-free baking soda toothpaste. Note: my tooth and gum health have actually IMPROVED since switching from fluoride toothpaste. Go figure. They also have a natural mouthwash which we aren't using yet but I may get at some point.

For contact solution, we use Alcon Opti-Free (green box) which is sold just about everywhere. We use a Lavender shampoo and conditioner by Avalon Organics, sold for a great price at Trader Joe's but also available (for a little more of course) at grocery stores and health food stores...try the "natural foods" aisle of the grocery store first.

For deodorant, we use the mineral crystal stones with great success, both of us have had far less problem with odor than ever before and it also is so good for the laundry, too...stick deodorant is hard to wash out of clothes and often traps odor in even after a good laundering, and of course the aluminum and other chemicals are horrible for your body.

All we use for the kids for shampoo/body wash is California Baby Super Sensitive Shampoo/Body Wash. It's expensive, I order a few online at a time and just try to make it stretch as long as possible. I have to use it on the girls, too, because I don't want to leave any kind of residue in the tub that isn't safe for D.

They also use fluoride-free Tom's of Maine toothpastes. Although I don't have to be as careful with what I use, I do try to make sure I don't use anything heavily scented. I absolutely love the Burt's Bees skin care line, and I also use their tinted lip balms as lipstick. Champagne is my favorite (it goes on light pink) because I don't wear dark lipstick, but they do have some very dark colors available, and it doesn't have that "lipsticky" taste or smell. Some of their lotion has a strong smell, though.

Let me know if I've missed anything! If someone has a question about a
specific kind of product, I can look it up in the book and see what's
"safe".... :)


Anonymous said...

These are great tips. My son has been using Tom's of Maine toothpaste since he was a little boy. He hated the taste of regular toothpaste so we switched and now that's all he'll use.

I used to use the crystal deoderant as well but now I've found it in liquid roll-on form which is alot quicker to apply. Same exact thing as the crystal just in amazing is that. And yes, the mineral one does work a whole lot better than any commercial deoderant out there plus it's not expensive.

I will definitely give the Burt's Bees a try. You know, I've seen them before but didn't know much about them so I never tried that brand. But it sounds really good. Next time I go shopping I will definitely give those a try.
Thank you for the helpful tips :)

Heather said...

We are huge fans of the Kiss My Face Product line - especially their obsessively organic products. I do an online order about 3 times a year when they have their free shipping sale - or their stock up and save sale. We love their shaving lotion, sun care products and kids products especially 'fly-swotter' and hair detangler - the kids love the grape bubble bath too for a treat. Their toothpaste is great too, and their lavender deoderant works wonderfully. Isn't it a blessing to have so amny natural products that keep us fresh and nice smelling without endangering our health?

Candy said...

I didnt know about some of these, thanks for sharing!
I posted some pictures on my blog yesterday if you would like to check them out sometime :)